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How to stop a child from hitting & hurting others

Richa Aggarwal
7 to 11 years

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Updated on Sep 21, 2020

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Sometimes children may use hitting as a way to show they are angry or upset. Here are a few things that parents can do to tackle this issue.

  • Stay Calm: That is certainly the most important thing to do. Do not lose your patience. Stay calm and composed.


  • Stop the Aggression: Gently stop your child from being physically aggressive. If they're hitting you, for example, or trying to hit, hold their hands to stop the act.


  • Don't give in to their aggressive behavior or tantrums - this is very important. Once you start giving in to their tantrums, it will be pretty difficult later. They would think they can get anything by being aggressive and throwing tantrums.


  • Make your kids learn to express themselves by naming emotions - It is important your kids understand, name and recognize different emotions like angry, sad, happy, excited.


  • Understand your child's patterns and what makes them angry - You should understand what makes your child angry and what makes them calm down. Identifying their triggers and behavior can help a great deal.


  • Reward them - Acknowledge good behavior and reward them to encourage them.


  • Make sure you do not spank, hit, or slap your child - Your child learns what he watches. Do not get aggressive and violent. Be serious but in a gentle way.

Watch this as Psychologist Richa Aggarwal tells you how to stop a child from hitting / biting and hurting others.

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