How Can You Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Fluid Intake During Winters?

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Jan 10, 2019

How Can You Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Fluid Intake During Winters

Did you know that dehydration can happen during winters as well? Did you also know that while our urge to drink water during winters goes down, our bodily requirements of daily intake of water don’t? Hence the need to stay hydrated by taking enough fluids during winters is quite important. Scroll down to read some ways by which you can ensure that your child gets enough fluids during winters.

8 Easy Ways To Ensure Your Child Stays Well-Hydrated During Winters

Here are some easy ways to ensure your child stays hydrated during winters.

  • Water bottles handy when going out: You need to keep a water bottle handy for your child whether he/she goes to school or to play out in the park. This will encourage your little one to sip on frequently. You can even buy a new water bottle for your child of his/her choice which will urge him/her to drink more water
  • Flavoured water: At times you can give your child flavoured water, which will enhance the taste of regular water and thus attract your child towards drinking more of liquids. Adding fruits and vegetables in a water bottle with fruit infuser will make your work easier
  • Soupy noodles: These days there are a lot of advertisements catering to soupy noodles, which have a lot of water content in it. You can opt for this trick and feed your child soupy noodles or simply some vegetable soup that you can cook at home, which will contain sufficient water content. You can serve the clear vegetable soup to your child that will ensure that not only his or her water needs are taken care of but also nutrition needs are also well-cared for
  • Fruits and vegetables: A number of fruits and veggies contain a lot of water content such as celery, cucumber and so on. Serving them as a salad to your child will help him/her have his portion of water intake on a daily basis. Cut the cucumber in to sticks along with some radish and carrots and serve it to your child. You can also cut interesting shapes out of them
  • Boiled water served at lukewarm temperature: Many a times your child will not drink water because it is really cold so you can boil the water, bring it to a lukewarm temperature and then give it your child. This trick will kill the bacteria and will be healthy for your child and the entire family as well
  • Silly straw: Whenever you give your child water to drink, you will want him/her to drink more of it to keep hydrated. You can add a silly straw to the bottle or the glass of water which will excite your child and encourage him/her to drink enough every time
  • Keeping water within reach: Keep the water bottle filled all the times within your child’s reach so that he or she is not dependent on you for the water needs. You can give him or her a glass bottle with interesting caricature on it to keep your child interested in drinking water
  • Being a role model: You know that your child loves to imitate you so be a good role model and regulate your intake of water as well. Let your child know about the importance of drinking water during winters as well and follow it by drinking a glass of water yourself. You need not wait for your child to ask you a glass of water every time he/she is thirsty; you can give him/her water at regular intervals
  • Check Whether Your Child Is Hydrated Or Not?

    In order to check if your child is hydrated all the time, you can check the colour of his/her pee frequently. Dark yellow colour means your child is dehydrated and needs to gulp down water soon. Pale yellow or colourless urine indicates that your child is well hydrated. This trick will work for you as well, so make sure your entire family is well hydrated during winters.

    Did you find the blog on how to keep your child hydrated during winters useful? Share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below.

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    | Nov 29, 2018

    fabulous information.... thank u

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    | Nov 29, 2018

    thanks for sharing

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    | Jan 17, 2018


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    | Jan 17, 2018

    power packed 8 to ensure child stays hydrated. lack of water intake can also lead to chronic constipation and thereby problems such as anal fissure, piles etc.. it's important that children's water consumption is maintained irrespective of the weather. thanks for sharing this useful blog Urvashi Shah !

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