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8 Fun ideas to celebrate Children’s Day this year

Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
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Created by Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
Updated on Nov 11, 2017

8 Fun ideas to celebrate Childrens Day this year
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Children's day is celebrated every year in India on 14th November as a tribute to our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also known as Chacha Nehru by children on his birthday. Jawaharlal Nehru always emphasize on giving love and affection to children. The main purpose of celebrating Children's day is to focus on the encouragement on welfare of children. What Is The History behind Celebrating Children's Day? The first ever Children's day was celebrated in 1954 as a suggestion from Mr. V. K. Krishna Menon and is accepted by United Nations General Assembly. Initially it was celebrated universally in month of October. After 1959 it was celebrated on 20th November when the child right was accepted by UN General Assembly. In India Pandit Nehru's birthday was declared as Children's day to cherish his love and affection towards children.

How Is Children's Day Celebrated In India?

Numerous activities are planned on 14th November to mark the birth anniversary of Pt Nehru celebrated as Children's Day in India. There are various children related activities planned on this day in schools and some societies as well. In school teachers performs different activities for children. Then competitions are held in between teachers and students to make day more fun and memorable.

How Can You Make This Day Memorable For Your Child?

This Children's Day you can do the following to make it extra special for him or her.

  1. Decorate their room a night before: Children usually love their room a bit decorated especially with ribbons and balloons. Grab some of these and decoe your child's room. Even you can involve your child in decoration and while decorating the room you can explain them about the importance of celebrating this day
  2. Arrange play dates for them: Arranging for a play date where only Children's are invited will make them even more special. Get a cake ordered or baked at home of their choice. Arrange for some music or snacks for them to have a small party along with playing. For teenagers you can plan for sleepover as well at friends or cousins home to make them enjoy this day as per their preference
  3. Organise a friendly competition: You can even arrange for a match in between your family and other friends family. In this way you can have a family time and can make your bonding stronger. Along with binding you can have some fresh outdoor air
  4. Organise a family field trip: Take your Lil one out with family for any trip to any educational place like any museum, theme park, zoo, garden to make them learn as well as use their imagination in exploring the places. This in turn will help you in bonding well with the family and you can also have some fun time from your busy schedule
  5. Buy them a gift: Get a special Children's day gift for them but make sure it should be something related to education. This way you can thank them for being the best and beautiful gift of your life that you will cherish throughout your life. Getting gifts on special day will make them happier and appreciated
  6. Cook food together: Though cooking is also an art, indulge your children with you in cooking something special. This way not only you will get time to spend time with your children but can also get to know about their hidden cooking skills
  7. Go out for dinner: If your work doesn't allow spending full time with your children then you can take them out for dinner at their favourite place to make them feel special
  8. Watch a movie together: Go out with your children for a movie date that too children's movie as per their preference this will make you both bond very well together
  9. Playing board games: Play board games like scrabble, chess, and business with your child that can enhance their mind power along with long endless hours of fun

Spending quality time with your child away from the hectic schedule will make the day all the more special for them. Cherish the wonderful moments spent with your child and let him or her build memories for the years to come.

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| Nov 11, 2017

amazing ideas for making childrens' day really special for our children . how about having no rules and restrictions on them and having a small fun activity wherein they dress up like mama and papa and roles are swapped .

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