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Child-care Types & Tips to Choose Good Daycare For Your Toddler

Cheena M Gujral
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Updated on Mar 10, 2018

Child care Types Tips to Choose Good Daycare For Your Toddler

Parenting is a responsibility to raise a healthy, developed and a good individual. This journey definitely asks for choosing the best paths leading to these aims. One of such initial challenge is ensuring the best daycare for your child. And this task turns wilder when you live in a metro city where the law and order are too fragile. Leaving your most prized possession to daycare is a tough task, and we know you want to be double sure about it.

Daycare Types

Hunting the best child care which suits your requirements, calls for many parameters check and tips to trace down to the final and best one. There are majorly three categories of child care centres:

  1. Formal Childcare
  2. Family Daycare
  3. In House Care

How to Choose to Right Daycare Center?

Let's start with the steps in zooming to a good day-care centre. Here are a few tips for you...

  1. Do Your Job

    • Prioritize Your Requirements

      It is very important that parents shall understand what they are looking for in the daycare; location, staff, policies or the meal plan? Some prefer a location near to the house or some want it to be in office proximity
    • Research on Shortlists

      Looking for the right opinions on the daycare, you shortlisted is a very crucial step. Ask as many people, friends or experts you can. Word of mouth is a reliable tool when it comes to services. Use the internet or go online on social media to fetch maximum unbiased reviews
  2. Visiting the Daycare

    After having considerate research, go visit the school. Fee structure and timings could be enquired online but the actual feel of the centre is received with a visit. You can go at different hours to catch on the real picture. Don't hesitate to go a million times to be very sure
  3. Jot Down Checklist to Understand Better

    There could be many individual criteria for selecting a suitable daycare for your precious child. Here are a few basics which you shall never miss upon
    • Look out for staff background and their behaviour with child and amongst themselves. Polite and amicable staff is always preferable. Do check staff's tenure of serving with the daycare. It somehow reflects the credibility and commitment towards the job
    • Child and Caretaker ratio is another important aspect to search out. As per medical experts, 1 adult for 3 toddlers (Below the age of 2 years) is a must. It will help them better attend every child
    • Consider the daycare's policy towards meal serving, sick child, feeding hours, sleeping patterns and various other factors. These checkpoints really contribute in good functioning of child care centres
    • Look for the size of available areas. The security plan and the layout is important to factor in deciding upon daycare. E.g. ample floor space is required by toddlers to play and feel comfortable
    • Interact with staff and helpers. Communication is the key to solve future issues and break barriers, initially. So feel free to connect with them. Share your child concerns, health issues or any peculiar traits
    • Trust your intuition. While you choose on best child care, never forget to believe your instinct. This is the most incredible thing that comes with parenthood
  4. Finalising on the Centre

    After a great amount of research, visits and referring checklists, it is time to finalise the daycare. Check with the current parents and contact with random parents too. It is not necessary that caretakers share all good referrals with you. Be aware and proactive
  5. Ask for “Ok Signal” from Your child

    Eventually, it's your little angel who will be staying and dealing with the selection. So do ask for trial days. Look out for reaction from your baby. You can easily learn if your child is happy and comfortable with the caregivers in the centre


There is never too late to change. If at any point of time you feel disconnected, be ready to switch to a better daycare.

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| Sep 09, 2019

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| Jul 12, 2019

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| Mar 13, 2018

Hi Preeti, An average Indian girl and boy of 18 month should weight somewhere between 8. 5 kg- 13. 5 kg. In both the cases there's nothing to worry about. Your baby is perfectly healthy. If your baby is getting sufficient milk he/she will have at least 6-8 wet diapers a day and an average of 2 or more stools in 24 hrs. Also, you can consider milk, yogurt, rice and ghee for weight gain for your baby. I hope this helps you! :)

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| Mar 11, 2018

my 18 months baby weight is only 9 kg what should I do

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| Mar 10, 2018

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| Mar 10, 2018

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