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Benefit Of Cinnamon For Your Baby

Faraz Mohammad Khan
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Updated on May 05, 2018

Benefit Of Cinnamon For Your Baby

Cinnamon is reddish brown inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It has been used as a spice since ancient times and being warm and sweet, your baby will love it. Usually people think of cinnamon as a spice but it has some impressive medical benefits too.

Is Cinnamon Safe For My Baby?

Cinnamon is generally regarded as safe for your baby after they turn 6 months of age and when given in small amounts. Infact, it is one of the healthiest spices you can add to your baby food. However, cinnamon in large quantities can cause stomach upset and may trigger skin irritations in some babies. Please note in case if your baby is under any sort of blood thinning medications, then cinnamon should be avoided religiously.

Benefits Of Cinnamon For My Baby - 

Cinnamon is rich in vitamin A,K and C. It also contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. It can improve your baby's immune system, promote their skeletal growth and enhance their blood building process. Below are a few characteristics of cinnamon that can benefit your baby

  • As an anti-inflammatory agent, it prevents your baby form falling ill and in case of ailments, faster recivery
  • Boosts digestion and tends to protect your baby's stomach lining
  • acts as a natural painkiller when used in treating injuries
  • Improves your baby's immune system by adding anti allergic capabilities to it
  • Protects your baby's skin against pollutants. Cinnamon has also been known to maintain skin tenderness in babies
  • Can cure aching and bleeding gums thus preventing tooth decay
  • Quickens the process of bone fracture healing

Selecting And Storing Cinnamon - 

Cinnamon is available in both stick and powdered form. Sticks tend to stay fresh longer. Both forms should be stored in tightly sealed container in a cool, dark and dry place.

How To Add Cinnamon To Your Baby's Food - 

Being so versatile, cinnamon as be added to a large array of sweet and savoury dishes and is a nutritional booast to purees, smoothies and baby snacks. Try spicing up the following standard baby foods with a pinch of cinnamon Apple sauce Oatmeal Rice Yogurts Banana

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