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Is circus a relevant entertainment for children these days?

Urvashi Shah
3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Dec 22, 2017

Is circus a relevant entertainment for children these days
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In this world where technology dominates not only us but even our toddlers who are growing up to become digitally smart, many of us think circus as an irrelevant form of entertainment for our little ones. But if you find your child delving in to the digital world too much, the best is to show him some entertainment from your time.

Though a circus may not be as popular as it used to be in your time, you will surely find one going on in your city or town. There are different kinds of circuses happening where one can include acts of animals in it while others may be free of them, consisting of human acts only. Pick the one which suits your child and go ahead to have a memorable day with your little one.

What Are The Things To Be Kept In Mind Before You Take Your Child For Circus?

Some things are to be kept in mind before you buy tickets to the circus. Let us have a look at those points.

  1. Build in curiosity but don’t raise the expectations of a child: Before heading out, you would want to address your child with clear knowledge of where you are headed. Explain him or simply show him pictures of what a circus looks like and the kind of things he will encounter there. This will build curiosity in your child and he will want to watch more of it. However, at the same time keep him or her prepared for a no-animal show as well in that particular circus
  2. Addressing fears: Since the circus you are planning to take your child to has animals in it such as lions and tigers that might scare your child, you would want to avoid the same. Speak to your child and make him understand how the animals are trained and will not be harming him. If he assures you with an okay you can go ahead to conquer his fears or simply opt for a circus without animal acts. Sometimes children are also scared of jokers so address those fears as well before you head out for a circus
  3. Pack the snacks: A circus can go on for hours and your child may end up hungry which might lead you to see more of his tantrums rather than the circus. The cure for your child’s fussiness is nothing but to pack some of his favourite snacks or else you can purchase them from the arena itself
  4. Washroom etiquettes: Your child cannot control the urge to visit the washroom which is why every circus has washrooms.

Before you plan on taking your child to the show, you must impart some washroom training which might come handy at the very moment. Follow these basic rules and you will ensure that your child has enjoyed the circus to the fullest.

What Are The Things My Child Can Learn From Circus?

But fun can come with some learning to and while at the circus, you can have a learning session going on with your child without him knowing. So let us take a look on to a few points about what you can do when you are at the circus.

  1. If you are at a circus which has animals, you can ask your child to point out the animals which you name. If he fails to do so, this is the perfect way to teach him about the various animals present. This method of practical teaching will help your child grasp some knowledge quickly
  2. As circus and clowns go hand in hand, you can ask your child to point out the happy clowns and the sad ones. In this way your child can learn about emotions in a practical way
  3. If your toddler gets frightened with some acts then take some time out once the show is over and talk about it. You can explain your child how these acts were not real and harmful in any way. If your child seems to be okay with it then you can plan your next bookings to the circus without any reluctance

Can I Create My Own Circus At Home? How?

If your child loves circus just as much as you do, you can plan on bringing the circus home. A circus doesn’t necessarily have to include clowns, animals and hardcore physical acts. What you can do is simply put up small acts with your family in your living room.

Your child can have their stuffed animals to play a part in it while they too can put up some shows such as dance and music. You can get masks of the clowns and silly costumes that your children can wear to make the most of the day. Be creative and indulge your toddlers in some games that they will enjoy. To ensure the fullest entertainment you can get their friends on board where they can laugh, play and clap.

I personally find circus to be a relevant form of entertainment for children these days as it would give them a chance to look outside in the world rather than bowing their heads to the world of technology. So hesitate no more and plan an outing with your young one to show him the colourful world of ‘Circus’.

Did you like this blog or do you have any suggestions then please do share your feedback in the comments section below. If you have taken your young one for a circus already then share with us the experience he/she had as our other readers would love to read.

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| Dec 22, 2017

it would be a great way to detox the child from technology by taking him or her to circus. it would also refresh our memories when we used to go with our parents to watch circus.. amazing tips. thanks for sharing!

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| Jan 25, 2020

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| Feb 25, 2020

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