Common Myth and Mythbusters on Face Masks for Children

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Common Myth and Mythbusters on Face Masks for Children

As the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, the relevance of wearing masks is increasing with the emergence of new and more contagious variants. Masks can be safely worn by children older than 2 years who are not yet eligible for the COVID vaccines. Protective masks are said to lower the chances of coronavirus entering our respiratory system through droplets that are present in the air. Masks are one of the easiest and the most effective ways to limit the spread of COVID-19.


The decision to remove the fine in Delhi for not wearing face masks in public places was removed at a meeting of the DDMA chaired by Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal in March as the city recorded a significant decline in the number of fresh COVID-19 cases. However, the importance of masks as an important precautionary measure to protect oneself from Covid can not be ignored even today. 


Here are a few Mask related myths and mythbusters:


MYTH 1 : Masks make it harder for children to breathe.


FACT: Masks are made from breathable material that do not block the oxygen that a child needs.Children above 2 years of age can safely wear masks for extended periods of time.


MYTH 2: Masks lead to carbon dioxide poisoning.


FACT 2: Carbon dioxide molecules are extremely small, unlike viral loads and cannot be trapped. They can easily escape the masks  made out of breathable material as they have adequate ventilation to prevent any sort of air or molecule particle build up .So, masks cannot cause hypercapnia.


MYTH 3: Masks interfere with a child's lung development.


FACT 3: The masks are made up of lightweight material which ensures ease of breathing and comfort, especially for children. According to Kimberly Dickson, a pediatric pulmonary fellow at Johns Hopkins University, pediatricians have debunked this theory time and again by confirming that masks do not interfere with a child’s lung development in a negative manner.


MYTH 4: If you are wearing a mask, you need not maintain social distance.


FACT 4: It is a combination of the two practices that is effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and not one alone. So Social distancing and wearing of masks along with maintaining hand hygiene are the key interventions that should be practiced simultaneously for best results.  


MYTH 5: Cloth masks are not safe for children.


FACT 5: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends any masks that have at least two layers of fabric will do, as long as they are breathable and soft. 


MYTH 6: Masks are too uncomfortable and difficult to wear for children.


FACT 6: Masks are designed in such a manner that they are comfortable to wear. Wearing a mask is a learned behavior that children can acquire from their parents or caregivers if modeled continuously. Also parents need to highlight the risk of not wearing masks. So wearing a mask yourself would be a great way to reinforce it.


MYTH 7: Masks can cause delay in speech and language development.


FACT 7: Language development is mainly formed in the right hemisphere of the brain and masks do not harm the brain development in any way. So masks do not interfere with the acquisition of language skills as children can still talk and understand each other even after wearing those. Also, speech development occurs from 18 to 24 months for most children, which is usually an age where wearing a mask is prohibited. 


MYTH 8: Masks are not useful as they cannot stop bacteria from entering their body when children are outdoors.


FACT 8: As per CDC’s recommendations children should be taught to wash their hands before putting on and taking off their masks. With the help of positive reinforcement and modeling, the risk of bacterial or viral transmission can be lowered.


MYTH 9: A child who has asthma and/or diabetes should not wear a mask.


FACT 9: Wearing a mask is actually safer for children with controlled asthma and diabetes because they are in fact at higher risk of catching COVID-19 and developing other serious complications. According to the American Diabetes Association, wearing a mask does not interfere or elevate with their glucose levels, or bring on any additional stressors to their body. 


There are various ways to convince your child to wear a mask. These include:

  • Modeling: If their superhero or supershero himself or herself wears a mask once they step out of their house, it will definitely be convincing enough for children to imitate them. Their favorite animal or cartoon character can also be used as a method to exhibit wearing masks.


  • Reward your child: Giving them a smiley or a sticker on their hand or extra 15 minutes of watching their favourite cartoon when they wear a mask can do the trick.


  • Discussion on the risks of not wearing a mask:Having a one-on-one discussion with slightly older children who can comprehend  and explain to them the risks of COVID-19 for them and their loved ones can prove to be useful too in motivating them to wear a mask.


  • Getting creative: Involving your child in making customized homemade masks with their favorite character on it and/or in their favorite color will make them eager to wear the masks. The key is to find hasslefree masks that are comfortable for children so that they wear them happily without any fuss.


Nowadays, masks are not just another accessory to add to our wardrobes. In fact, wearing them has become the need of the hour, especially for children who are not eligible for Covid vaccine yet.  


Please add value to this blog, with your inputs and valuable feedback. Do share the blog with friends, family and fellow parents.


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