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Is Cow and Buffalo Milk Equally Beneficial For Your Toddler?

Akshita Iyer
1 to 3 years

Created by Akshita Iyer
Updated on May 20, 2018

Is Cow and Buffalo Milk Equally Beneficial For Your Toddler
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Mother’s milk is no doubt the best for babies. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends nursing for at least two years but it totally depends on one’s own choice. Breast feeding your child until 6 months is very important for their health but what after 12 or 24 months when you have decided to not breast feed them anymore? Which milk should be given to maintain the health of your child while making sure they receive all the required nutrients? Let’s take a look. Experts Opinion: Is it Good to Give Cow Milk to Baby or Not?​ 

Cow Milk Or Buffalo Milk Which Is Better for Children?

Read to know which milk is good for toddlers - Cow or Buffalo Milk?

  • Cow milk is thinner in consistency than buffalo milk and hence is easy to digest by your toddler
  • Buffalo milk has higher content of protein as compared to cow milk which again makes it difficult to digest
  • The water content in cow milk is much more when compared to buffalo milk which helps in keeping your baby more hydrated
  • Buffalo milk contains more calcium than cow milk, but since the potassium and sodium levels are lesser in cow milk, it would be a better natural supplement for your toddler
  • Buffalo milk contains cholesterol which makes cow milk a better option


How To Give Buffalo Milk To Your Toddler?

Though cow milk is better for your toddler due to the above-mentioned reasons, yet if you choose to feed your toddler buffalo milk, make sure you give it to them in controlled quantity and not in large amounts. Your child might digest buffalo milk if given in smaller quantity.

Make sure to boil the milk first, cool it down, remove the layer of cream and then feed it to your baby. Introduce buffalo milk slowly to your baby and see how he reacts to it and then gradually you can increase the amount if needed.

Benefits Of Cow Milk And How To Feed It To Your Baby?

Once your baby is 12 months or older you can start feeding them cow’s milk which’ll provide them with adequate nutrients and help to build their bones strong. Cow’s milk is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin A and phosphorus, and most milk products contain high amounts of vitamin D which is necessary in aiding the body absorb calcium. Cow’s milk is also beneficial because it provides protein as well as carbohydrates that helps in the growth of the baby and also provide enough energy to last all day long.

Besides deciding what to feed to your baby do not forget to test if they are lactose intolerant i.e. if they have an inability to digest lactose, a component of milk. Whenever you decide to feed your baby, cow or buffalo milk, make sure you look out for any allergies or reactions that it might cause. If at all you see something odd, discontinue with this milk and consult a doctor as well to find out if it is due to the milk or something else. Remember, cow’s milk is the best for your child but it totally depends on you and your child’s choice. Choose whatever suits them the best. Also Read: How Good Is Cow Milk for infants below 1 year?

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| Aug 10, 2019

Bhains ki dhoodh mein kitne Paani Dal Ke Ek Saal Ke baccho ko dena hai

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| Jun 01, 2018

my son's height is not increasing... what should I do for that

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| May 20, 2018

i gave to my baby less breast milk coz,,,it was not come n made,n had some internal deficiencies and also it cpme very less due to this i gave my baby formula milk,,after 6 months i started cow milk till now,,she is now 2years nd 6months but i am worried about her health.. my daughter is very thin,,weak n lean,,i want that she should be healthy and gain weight And looks lil bit fat,,,i give her healthy food but she eats very less,,,please suggest me what should i do for health...

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| May 20, 2018

Lin mpg

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| May 20, 2018

Hey Hina! It would be better if you buy milk directly from the milkman and then feed it to your baby rather than giving him the packaged milk. Also, I would suggest not to give toned milk as it has no fats left in it and your baby is still growing so he does need healthy fats right now.

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| May 20, 2018

Akshita Iyer . hi. maam wanted to ask u dat giving Amul toned milk s fine for 1yr 8 mnth bby ??

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| May 20, 2018

Very helpful thanku

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