8 Signs To Know That Your Child Is Being Cyber-Bullied

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8 Signs To Know That Your Child Is Being Cyber Bullied
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Cyber bullying is a harsh reality that is affecting preteen and teens in a devastating way. While there are number of cases being reported about cyber bullying, it is quite possible that you are in dark about your child being cyber-bullied. Since numerous children don't report the incident to the parents, they end up in trouble when things go beyond their control.

But before we share about the signs to look out for, let us look at what cyber bullying means and how you as parents can read the signs to know that your child is being cyber-bullied.

What Is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying, also referred as cyber harassment, is a form of bullying or harassment through the use of electronic means. It has become common among teens where electronic communication mode is used to bully a person by sending intimidating or threatening messages. It is important to know if your child is being bullied. But how can you do so? Simply by keeping your eyes and ears open and identifying some signs.

Scroll down to read about the signs.

8 Signs Your Child Is Being Cyber Bullied

Here are the signs that you should keep your eye open for-

  1. Silent treatment: If your child always seems to share everyday news with you but suddenly has gone silent and prefers to avoid talking to you about his/her daily school affairs then he/she might be a cyber bully victim. It is much likely that there might be things that he/she doesn't want to share with you, which is why he/she is choosing to keep quiet
  2. Drop in grades/marks: An abrupt drop in your child's grades can be an underlying cause of cyber bullying, which you need to look out for. Due to the threats he/she might be receiving online, it must get difficult for your child to concentrate on his/her academics
  3. Losing friends: Being the victim of cyber bully, your child might try to spend lone time and hence get away from his/her friends. Also his/her friends might be aware of the problem and hence do not want to get involved in the same, which is why they might be keeping distance from your child
  4. Avoiding school and other social gatherings: Your child might not like to attend school if he/she has if he/she is a victim of cyber bullying. Your child will most likely avoid facing the world and rather be in his/her own world
  5. Change in demeanour: If your child signs of depression, has loss in appetite, aggression, anxiety and change in eating or sleeping habits, you can be assured that your child is being cyber bullied and you need to take necessary action for the same before it is too late
  6. Restricted use of electronics: Your child who once used to stick to his/her computer for hours, has now started avoiding it or while working on the gadget suddenly switches it off, then the chances are that he or she is being cyber bullied. Your child might also not share any information about his/her online activities with you
  7. Nervousness: If your child gets nervous on receiving a small text or an email, it is an indication that he or she is being cyber bullied. Your child might not even touch his/her mobile phone frequently due to the fear of a nasty message from the bully. As parents, you can talk to your child about his or her problems. Remember not to judge or blame your child
  8. Suicidal thoughts: In the worst case scenario, your child might display signs of suicidal thoughts. He or she may start talking about death or have negative feelings in general. This is where you need to seek a professional help and also talk to your child assuring him or her that you are there for him or her no matter what

If you notice any of these signs in child, then immediately talk to him/her. Getting bullied is no fun and cyber bullying is all the more daunting because the bully is hiding behind an avatar and can be anyone. Let your child know that it is not his or her fault and that there is nothing to feel ashamed about and he/she need not feel guilty about the same. Your vigilance as a parent will ensure your child's safety.

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| Jan 25, 2018

very nice advise thanks for sharing this

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| Jan 25, 2018

useful tips to ascertain the child is being cyber bullied.. thanks for sharing!

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| Jan 25, 2018

very useful advice

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