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Dealing with anaemia the Vegetarian way!

Puja Sharma Vasisht
3 to 7 years

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Dealing with anaemia the Vegetarian way

If you feel your child is showing symptoms of anaemia, here are a few quick vegetarian to get his health back on the track. Plus: 5 tips to increase iron absorption in the body.

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Niti Seth

| Jan 12, 2016

Very informative article. thanks a lot.

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Puja Vasisht

| Dec 30, 2015

Hi Sunshine, please put your query in nutrition corner

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Sunshine Mom

| Dec 29, 2015

What can be given as muscle building to an older child - 10 yrs old ? She's very very skinny but has adequate bone strength, but just doesn't put on muscle ... Therefore tires very easily..

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tanushree deshpande

| Dec 25, 2015

thank you so much for such elaborate information

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Jabeen Banat

| Dec 23, 2015

Helpful information..... Thank you

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