Decoding baby poop: What infant stools can tell you

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| Sep 21, 2019

UFC recording production

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| Sep 22, 2019

My baby is 16 days old . Nd he is too weak. I breastfed him nd also giving lectogen . He always seems hungry nd i prefer to breast feed but his health doesn't improve. Nd his hands nd feet are fair but his face is redish nd lips r bluish black. I concerned a doc but he said he z ok.

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| Oct 07, 2019

My baby is 5 month old... hez not taking milk properly... whn he is awake, he dont even take even a single drop of milk.. So. i have to geed him whn he is sleeping.... Should i start weaning or change the milk. He is on formula. milk.

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| Oct 08, 2019

Hello my baby is one month old after each feed she pass stool which is loose stools I only give her my milk

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