Dengue prevention: What to do?

Cheena M Gujral
3 to 7 years

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Dengue prevention What to do

Monsoon does bring a relief from the hot scorching sun, but it also brings with it a host of seasonal problems. One such seasonal disease is Dengue. Yes, Dengue scare has begun and moms are trying their level best to protect their child from it. However, there is one such mom who has cracked how to prevent Dengue in 5 easy simple ways and here Cheena M Gujral shares those 5 prevention tips with the fellow parents. Some of the points that Cheena has covered are 1. Avoid stagnant water 2. No greens inside 3. Use mosquito repellents 4. Neem and Tulsi are your best bet 5. Keep yourself well-covered So read on...

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