8 Tips to detox your child

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8 Tips to detox your child
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A couple of decades ago, if someone had mentioned detox for children, any parent would have balked, right? However, today a detox for your child is as essential as it is for you. The exposure to a wide range of toxins and chemicals, in the most unexpected quarters has put a strain on immunity. By adopting a few changes, and eliminating sources of toxins, you can give your child a thorough detox.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Toxins That Affect My Child?

Common everyday objects can be sources of toxicity. Here are 5 common toxins that are widely found in nature.

  1. Arsenic: Arsenic is a carcinogen found in some packaged food, rice products, and contaminated water
  2. Lead: It is found in batteries, pipes and even children's toys, and causes lead poisoning. How you may ask? Children have the tendency of playing and eating at the same time, which can easily lead to lead poisoning
  3. BPA (Bisphenol A): Commonly found in plastics – bottles used for storing food and beverages, baby bottles. BPA can cause early puberty in a girl child
  4. Fluoride: Although the fluoride in toothpaste is good for preventing cavities, excess can cause health issues such as brittle bones. Hence it is recommended to use fluoride less toothpaste for children
  5. Pesticides: Well yes, pesticides are found in fruit and vegetables that have been treated, and gardens, and of course all your fizzy drinks
tips to detox your child

How Can I Help My Child To Detox?

With some easy lifestyle changes, you can give your child a complete detox. Here I am sharing 8 lifestyle changes to detox your child.

  1. Say no to canned food: The BPA from the plastic can leak into the food, too. Use glass water bottles at home, and stainless steel while on the go, instead of plastic
  2. Go organic: Vegetables and fruits available in supermarkets possibly contain traces of pesticides that they are treated with. Switch to local, organic produce. If there are farmers' markets that happen near you, support them and get fresh veggies. Use whatever fruits and vegetables are in season, in your cooking. 'Out of season' veggies are available simply because they have been treated with chemicals to either ripen prematurely, or stay longer
  3. Avoid medicines as far as possible: For every tiny sniffle, avoid reaching for the medicine. Try simple home remedies that don't have side effects, for a common cold or a viral infection. Even when you consult your doctor, check if antibiotics are absolutely essential. Prescription medicines are a commonly overlooked source of toxins
  4. Swap processed foods for homemade snacks: With the hustle and bustle of every day routine, it is tempting to have a stash of processed snacks at home. Besides being high on sugar and salt, these snacks contain a ton of additives and preservatives that can be toxic. Swap these for nuts and berries, unsweetened yogurt, fresh fruit and home baked cookies
  5. Avoid commercially raised chicken and other meat: The meat that you find in supermarkets, and even in many restaurants are preserved with the help of artificial additives. They have also been fed a steady supply of hormones and steroids. This can be harmful for your child when he consumes this meat
  6. Go green: Green veggies and fruits have photochemicals, which help the liver detoxify the body. So serve broccoli and green leafy vegetables regularly for a detox
  7. Outdoor play and exercise: As much as your child needs good nutrition, he needs enough outdoor play time to keep healthy. Constantly being glued to the tablet or cell-phone takes away from valuable exercise time. Playing outside together is also a great way of bonding with your child. This lowers stress and positively impacts emotional health
  8. Use organic cleaning products: Most laundry products contain chemicals. Take care to you rinse clothes thoroughly in plenty of water so that all the chemicals wash off after the cleaning process. Also, make sure that your washed clothes get sufficient sunlight so that harmful chemicals and bacteria are destroyed

Toxins are widespread in our daily lives, and our children are ingesting them all the time. Some simple measures like these can minimize the impact of toxins and give your child a thorough detox.

What measures did you take to detox your child? Share your methods to detox with us along with your views and feedback in the comments section! We would love to hear from you…

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| Oct 25, 2017

I have been storing food in glass bowls, and I make sure to serve at least one green leafy vegetable to my children everyday.. Also there is a fixed day in a week for junk food and candies. many thanks for sharing this useful blog with handy tips.

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| Oct 30, 2017

Very nice information. Thanks

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| Oct 27, 2021

The exposure to a wide range of toxins and chemicals, in the most unexpected quarters has put a strain on immunity. San Diego Concrete Company

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