Diarrhea Cure in Kids – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Tips

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Diarrhea Cure in Kids Causes Symptoms Treatment and Prevention Tips

Diarrhoea in children is caused by a virus which affects the digestive system. It can also be caused by some food allergens, or if formula feed is not made properly or due to cold infections, or certain medications like Antibiotics. If you use a bottle, ensure it is sterilised properly. In case the child is under the influence of Diarrhoea, then feed frequently.

Mild Diarrhoea accompanied by vomiting may be seen in babies or infants after taking certain vaccines. This is temporary and not a major concern. If motions are large and watery and persist for more than a day, it is advised to consult a doctor to diagnose the severity of Diarrhoea.

Diarrhea Vaccine in News!! 

Rotavirus vaccine, an anti-dot to Diarrhoea, is now available at Meerut Health Department. The vaccine is going to combat diarrhoea in children below 5 years of age and as a result, it's likely to bring down the number of fatalities caused by Diarrhea, significantly.

As per Dr. Vishwas Chaudhary, District Immunization Officer, Meerut, "the doctors, Auxuliary Nurse Midwives (ANM), Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) were trained in June. Rota-virus vaccine to prevent diarrhea will be ready for distribution by 13th August '18 in the district itself. It will be administered on immunization dates of Monday, Wednesday & saturday." - TOI Sources (1)

What Causes Diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea in babies is caused by coming in contact with germy surfaces, unclean food or contaminated water. Diarrhoea, especially in babies under 12 months, makes the body lose too much water as well as minerals called ‘electrolytes’. The loss of water and electrolytes further leads to dehydration. Babies can get dehydrated very quickly as compared to toddlers as they are either on breastmilk or formulae fed. Also, the rate of replenishment is lower than babies consuming solids as they exclusively breastfed or formula fed. The most common types of viral infections that can cause dehydration are:

  • Rotavirus or RV: Causes severe diarrhoea and low-grade fever
  • Adenovirus: The symptoms resemble that of a common cold. This virus can infect lungs, stomach, intestines and eyes. Check: Common Causes of Stomach Pain In Babies
  • Allergy: A food allergy or sensitivity to medicines. For breastfeeding mothers, avoid foods that cause allergy of any form during breastfeeding months.


Diarrhea Signs & Symptoms

In case of the below symptoms, do call your paediatrician or take measures to curb the diarrhoea in your child.

  • Your baby is peeing lesser than usual
  • Unusual sluggishness
  • Baby crying lesser than usual
  • Dry lips or mouth
  • Dry and non-spongy skin of the baby
  • Baby gets irritated off and on
  • Fever or chills
  • Baby experiencing pain in the stomach area
  • Vomiting
  • Sunken soft spot on the top of the head


Treating & Preventing Diarrhoea

Here are some tips to treat and prevent Diarrhea in babies of 0-12 months.

  • Rehydrate the body with age-specific ORS.
  • If the baby is on breast milk, then breast milk is the best food and medicine during this time.
  • Breast milk will help to rehydrate the body plus give essential nutrients to fight the toxins and allergens and help the body recover quickly.
  • Do not stop breastfeeding.
  • Do not offer Juices or sugary drinks as this can aggravate the problem.
  • Pureed apple, pureed carrot or mashed banana as this will help to bind the stools.
  • Clear vegetable soups, dal water or rice water, chaach can work as natural oral hydrants. In case of breastfeeding, try and consume more of it.
  • Keep baby’s diet light and soft, devoid of fibre in case, the baby is more than 6 months and on solids.
  • As baby starts improving include soft khichadi, home-made curd, mashed dal and rice.
  • Probiotic present in Curd or Probiotics added yoghurt available in the market can help to build immunity and keep baby’s digestion and gut strong. It will help to bring back the appetite.
  • Maintain complete hygiene, keep baby’s room, utensils all clean and wash your hands before feeding the baby.

In case Diarrhoea worsens or if the child gets a fever, consult a doctor immediately.


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