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Diet During Fever In Your Child

Puja Sharma Vasisht
1 to 3 years

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Updated on May 16, 2020

Diet During Fever In Your Child
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It is not uncommon for children to have fever with seasonal changes. So as a mother you would like to know what food is good for your toddler with fever. Since the baby’s appetite is dropped, it becomes difficult what to feed to a toddler with a fever.

Diet Ideas During Fever In Your Child -

So here are some foods ideas to maintain a healthy diet during fever in your child-

  1. Since the appetite is lowered in fever, feeding the baby often becomes a challenge. Instead of giving three big meals, offer small meals to the child. These can be given at an interval of every two hours
  2. Fluid intake is very important as there is fluid loss through skin and sweat in fever. Since small children are more prone to dehydration, ensure sufficient intake of fluids
  3. If you are still breastfeeding the child, continue with it. Plain water, ORS, coconut water, buttermilk, soup, fruit juices are some of the ways to ensure plenty of fluids in your child’s diet
  4. Milk and milk based beverage like shakes, lassi can also be given
  5. Fluids are also better accepted than solids in conditions like fever. The above mentioned not only ensure enough fluid but also provide some amount of calories, electrolyte and other nutrients vital during fever
  6. In fever a child may be unable to tolerate high fiber, strongly flavoured foods and spices so avoid, giving regular meals like chapatti, dalia, whole dals, raw fruits and vegetables
  7. Include water based vegetables which are easier to digest like lauki, tinda, pumpkin, tori etc. You may give these in the form of cooked purees or soup. Avoid strongly flavoured vegetables like onion, garlic, cauliflower, capsicum, turnip, radish, bhindi, drumstick etc.
  8. You can give soft, starchy fruits like banana, papaya, cheeku etc. You can also give cooked fruits like apple, pear, peach etc.
  9. You can also include poached or soft boiled egg, meat/chicken stew or soup, fish etc.
  10. Fried, fatty foods such as fries, cutlets, pakoras, ladoos, halwas should be avoided. But a little fat in the form of ghee/butter can be added to their foods
  11. Give soft foods like mashed rice with curd, khichri, custard, kheer of rice, sago or suji etc.
  12. You can also offer some plain gelatin based dessert like jelly, jam or little honey to the child
  13. Avoid giving any processed or packaged food to the child. Similarly, packed juices, aerated beverages, caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee should also be not given to the child

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Feeding Tips For Your Child In Fever -

  1. You can use some colourful and attractive plates, bowls, and glasses to give food. This would make the food more appealing
  2. The food given should neither be too cold or hot at the time of serving
  3. Do not offer very large portion of any food. You may give little quantities of two three varieties of dish
  4. Keep the seasonings very mild

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| May 12, 2018

My son age 1 year 6 months last two days he has suffering throt infection with 102 fever and only intake milk plss suggest some food to help him throt ...

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| May 30, 2018

can i give milk in feber to my child 5years girl?

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| Jun 19, 2019

plz my baby 19 months .and baby diet chart

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| Mar 13, 2020

my child is of 14 months old. kindly give a diet chart for my baby.

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