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Diet tips for new moms!

Puja Sharma Vasisht
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Diet tips for new moms

So you have just delivered and post delivery you are battling with so many things from the stress of being a first-time mom to mood swings. You want to feel elated with your newborn but because of before-mentioned factors you feel bogged down. In between all this stress and anxiety of whether my milk is sufficient for my baby or not, whether I will be a good mommy to my baby – you neglect your diet and yourself. And this is where, you need to take a break, take a deep breath, relax and follow the advice of our nutrition expert Puja Sharma Vasisht, as she shares some suggestions for your common concerns.

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Seema Gathania

| Jun 15, 2017

Valuable and informative....

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Harika Katta

| Jun 06, 2017

Thank you so much for this valuable information..

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Dolly Nayab Insan

| Jun 05, 2017

please suggest food for my 6 month baby??

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Saveena Sabharwal

| Jun 05, 2017

thanks a lot for this post...

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Sutapa Bhattacharya

| Apr 25, 2017

stop b. feeding

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Pratiksha Raval

| Apr 18, 2017

thank you so much for this information

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Sujata naqvi

| Apr 12, 2017

thank u so much fr ths lovely post

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Sejal Punjani

| Apr 11, 2017


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Bhavika Patel

| Apr 10, 2017

thank u so much for the wonderful dieting tip..

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Kavita Kumar

| Apr 07, 2017

thanks for sharing this blog...

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Monica Sharma

| Apr 07, 2017

thank you so much for such a value able information ..

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Benazir Khan

| Mar 29, 2017

can we take flux seeds to reduce weight?? i've heard that it affects lactation... so plz suggest.

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Ekta Khetani

| Dec 03, 2016

hi anyone suggest me that which type of food I can give my 6month old daughter . any special food ....suggest me

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| Nov 06, 2016

any one suggest what is the difference between normal delivery and c-section diet in india. ginger,turmeric. ,gond,gud all these things can I eat in post c-section diet.

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| Nov 04, 2016

hi I have gone thru c section what should be the diet in my case as my stitches are paining a lot.. I am feeling much pain inside my stitches..

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