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Tips to Do Your Baby's Photo Shoot By Yourself

Urvashi Shah
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Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Nov 07, 2019

Tips to Do Your Babys Photo Shoot By Yourself
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After a journey of 9 precious months, bringing a newborn into this world is such an overwhelming moment. The tiny little bundle of joy in your hands is like having your world fitted into your palms. Staring happily at this little baby is a job that you wish to have all day long. These days a lot of couples love to engage in the baby photo-shoot, to capture the wonderful memories of their little one in the best possible way. If you scroll through the internet, you will be amazed to see how amazing these baby photoshoots turn out to be. If you are already planning on doing one and trying to find the best photographer for the same, why not just look into the mirror? Yes, you too can do a baby photoshoot by yourself, all you need is your baby, a camera and perfect settings and voila you will nail this task in no time. [Check - Super Ideas for Your Child's First Birthday]

Baby Photo Shoot Advice 

If you are wondering how to take newborn photos at home, do not scratch your head, as I am giving you a few tips on the same. Here are some tips for baby photo-shoot to be done by yourself-

  1. Be At a Smooth Pace:

    The good thing about doing a baby photoshoot by yourself is that you have a lot of time in your hands. Hiring a professional photographer will make you do things as per his timings, which might not even match your baby’s sleep or feeding schedule. So just be at an ease and work as per your baby’s schedule. As this task will take a couple of hours, make sure your baby has had enough of sleep and is well fed. A happy baby will help you capture happy memories.
  2. Lighting Is All You Need:

    Nothing can be worse than having improper lighting while doing a baby photoshoot. Lighting can either make or break your photos so make sure you have arranged proper lightings for the shoot. You can also opt for the natural source of light that is the sun.
  3. Keep Your Baby Happy:

    Keep the shooting area warm, that will make your baby feel comfortable, especially if the temperature outside is cold. If you wish to capture your baby when he/she is shooting, make sure that no noises are there in the background that will awake your child and turn him/her cranky. Feed your baby well in order to keep the hunger cries away. Shooting between breakfast and lunch will make a good idea as babies tend to be a little lazy at these hours as compared to afternoon or evening.
  4. Ensure Safety of Your Baby:

    If you are going to deal with a lot of props while doing a baby photoshoot, make sure you have someone to give you a helping hand. This will surely make your task easy.
  5. Capture Tiny Details:

    Babies are such tiny creatures having tiny features that you shouldn’t miss to capture in your lens. Be it the rosebud lips, tiny fingers and toes, capture them all.
  6. Experiment with Angles:

    If you change the position of your baby several times, your baby might get frustrated and start crying. So it is wise to reposition your camera angles or you can simply walk around your baby to figure out new positions.
  7. Get Outdoor:

    If the weather permits you, get your baby outside that will help you do a photoshoot under the natural light settings. Being in nature will open a realm of possibilities to get creative and you will find a number of natural props to add in your photo-shoot.
  8. Include Your Older Children:

    If you have older children, make sure you include them too in the photo-shoot. Your other children can surround the newborn, giving various poses or simply holding the baby in hand, to get captured in the lens forever.
  9. Get In the Picture:

    Apart from your children, don’t forget to get yourself captured in the pictures. Hand over the camera to someone else and pose with your bundle of joy for the fantastic pictures.

Tips & Tricks on Baby DIY Photo Shoot at Home

You can do a baby photoshoot at home with a good camera and perfect lighting. Here are some tips and tricks on DIY baby photoshoot at home-

  1. Get the Best Lighting:

    If you decide to capture your baby when he/she has drifted away in the world of dreams, you can make use of natural light. Flashes might wake up your baby, which is why it is best to choose a spot in your house where natural light flows in all the time.
  2. Finding the Right Time:

    Find a time that fits your baby’s schedule. If you know a particular time period where your baby is generally in a playful mood, arrange a baby photo-shoot within that time period for best results. After all, you don’t want a cranky baby being captured for a lifetime.
  3. Picking-up Right Props:

    Pick up props or outfits that are neutral in colour and do not distract your baby. Picking a light colour may help with the lighting of the picture since it will reflect light instead of absorbing it.
  4. Get the Setup Ready:

    Make sure you have the setup ready before getting your baby. This will save your time and you can ensure the setup is perfect before bringing your baby to the scene.
  5. Keep Your Baby Supported:

    Keeping your baby positioned on the floor is a good idea as it will help you take shots from above and also ensure that your baby will not fall off.
  6. Use Toys:

    To get your baby’s attention towards the camera make sure to use toys. Toys can also become great props for the pictures.

Creative Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Once you have adjusted the perfect settings, it is time to seek some creative baby photoshoot ideas. Here are some of them to inspire the photographer in you-

  1. Baby’s Best Friend:

    If you have a pet in the house, you can invite him/her to the photo-shoot. Dressing up your baby and your pet in similar outfits will give you fantastic results
  2. Sketching:

    Once you capture a photograph of your child, there are various tools available online to draw on the photographs, try them out that will bring the creative side in you
  3. Fabric Fun:

    Make use of colourful fabrics to play with the scene whilst your baby lays flat on the ground or bed. You can create various imageries from the fabrics to make up for some really good photographs
  4. Keeping a Track:

    Another good idea is to keep a track of your baby’s growth progress month by month by doing a photoshoot every month. Your child will be amazed with his/her development on looking at these photos as he/she grows up
  5. Using a Basket:

    A lot of photographers make use of basket as a prop. You can invest in a good basket that will fit your newborn and place some soft fabric inside that will make your baby feel comfortable
  6. Experimenting:

    Babies don’t have to be sleeping all the time for photos. Some of the photos can turn out really well while your baby is wide awake and in a playful mood
  7. Keeping it Natural:

    It is wise to be all-natural when capturing your little one in the midst of a yawn, while he/she is sleeping in your palms, all snuggled up in a blanket, gazing at the toys or busy playing with his/her elder siblings. These candid moments will turn out to be beautiful at the end


You just need to explore your creative side when photographing and be marvelled at the amazing results. With these baby picture ideas, you can bring out the photographer in you with some amazing skills.

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