Does it make you a better mom if you are guilt-ridden?

Nandini Muralidharan
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Does it make you a better mom if you are guilt ridden

The sneaky guilty feeling of not doing enough for the baby, of stepping out for a date with your husband without the baby, of just taking a long shower and not spending that time with the baby etc. is something all moms are every familiar with. But at the end of the day, is it worth it? Will it really make you a better mom if you feel guilty or skip one or two chores to be done for the baby? Think! And that is what this blog is about!

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Swati Suren

| Jun 12, 2017

this really help.... even I am facing this guilt. get stressed out of it. there is so much to take care suddenly. .n at time difficult to manage things n keep everyone satisfied..... even we as a mother need a breath.

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| Jun 12, 2017

it's so true.... thanks for sharing....

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Smriti verma

| Jun 10, 2017

yes this is so true this guilt is so dominant which creates stress . Me too felt same .this dilemma of giving breast feeding and formula feed is so prominent. as at times alone natural feeding doesn't serve the purpose .But I think we have to be patient .Going back to work is bothering me day by day .That is also one of the priorities. Motherhood is very challenging phase of life .

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Shivani Rathour

| Jun 09, 2017

After reading this m bit relaxed...

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| Apr 18, 2017

awesome ... I could so well relate to it & now after reading you I feel so relaxed...

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Nirali Mehta Doshi

| Apr 13, 2017

Really good one.. I was going through the same feeling..

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Venessa vales

| Apr 10, 2017

well written... i appreciate your point 2 .. as i have suffered from Peripartum cardiomyopathy i am unable to breastfeed n my baby is 2 mths... this point is so sensitive to me ...

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Esha Oberoi

| Apr 09, 2017

soo true ... This is the same phase i am going through... my baby is my centre of attention..... and no one else !!

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Monika Sharon

| Apr 07, 2017

Dam.. This is it.. ! Every minute how I feel!

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Dharani Kumar

| Apr 06, 2017

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article, Nandhini... it depicted very well as transparency of today's new mum's thought.... need to be changed and even I need to... well said..

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| Feb 24, 2017

Very well written!! It's the true feelings that almost all new mommy feels

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Neha Jaga

| Jan 22, 2017

it's very true i can't even bath ,eat by relax. i feel so satisfied and fearless about child safety when i m near with my baby and if i left her asleep and gone for household work means my heart beat raises and often feel like my baby has awaken and crying .frequently i used to go and check her in the middle of my works but she sleep quietly

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Anusha Akhil

| Dec 15, 2016

It's so true... I am a new mommy.. I can relate to everything u have written here

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Swapna Medisetti

| Sep 07, 2016

yeah very much true.. i feel tat i dont have enough space fr myself. at d sametime i feel guiltyto leave my baby fr somtine!!

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| Aug 16, 2016

So true.... i can't even get time for myself. Either i m involve in babies work or household work . N d most neglected one is my hubby. Pls advice how to adjust all....

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Seema Mahesh

| Jul 18, 2016

It's absolutely related to me.... most of my friends stopped calling me. Since I am always busy with the household works or with the baby... no time for anything... life has changed so much....

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Hetal Shah

| May 30, 2016

This is absolutely true... I always feel m occupied and dont have time for myself.. D moment i feel now i can relax its either the baby calling or some guests or hosuehold work.. I get very frustrated end of the day... Need to except the things. This article completely relate nd time for some actions...

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kriti kuthiala

| May 19, 2016

A very interesting and well written post, indeed. I think we as mothers are so wired to be always in service of our baby that anything beyond that makes us think we are taking something away from our baby.

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Swati Raj Chauhan

| Apr 23, 2016

Its so true. I am sure many of us might be feeling a bit relaxed cause feeling is same but we need somebody to share it :)

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Lakshmi Betanabelli

| Apr 08, 2016

Its very much true... being a mom 1st time, I had all the similar guilt mentioned out, and most of my friends are not even in touch with me any more... life has taken such a turn, dont even get time to spend with hubby. Thanks to this article, time to build some magic around ....

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Karthika Sekaran

| Mar 29, 2016

It's very true.. being a new mom... I felt the same ...While I'm in washroom,browsing the mobile or talking with my friend. Even I used to tell my hubby that our privacy is lost. .. can't enjoy with baby beside. Also I need to leave my baby to my mom and start to go to office. It's like a roller coaster ups and downs, mood swings and getting ourselves experiencing these... situations really unavoidable.

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Shikha Batra

| Mar 28, 2016

Menaing of word guilt-Culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing. Taking a break for few hours is not a wrongdoing. In fact, we will be better able to judge where we need to correct ourselves, there will be lesser frustration as we will break the monotony and also child will get a chance to develop a bond with other adults at home. Similarly, giving attention to the father of our child /children will only smoothen the relationship between couples thereby less of stress which again is a step towards happiness in family life. Being a working mom will only help us balance and get the maximum out of both the worlds which again will make us happier by breaking monotony and be financially stronger. I believe we mothers can never do anything which can be against the interest of our kids. Excellent write up! Keep up the good work!

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Tanisha Khanna

| Mar 28, 2016

Interesting post! Makes you ponder over the points.

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