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How to identify early signs of Autism

Dr Himani Narula Khanna
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Sep 10, 2020

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Tracking the developmental milestones in the early years is integral for the appropriate growth and development of the child. Any deviation from age appropriate development can point to some form of developmental delay. It is important to know the warning signs, for parents to seek early diagnosis and early intervention. In this video, Dr. Himani Khanna, a Senior Developmetnal Pediatrician lists the early signs of autism. Typical features of autism may not be prevalent during infancy and the child may not show any deviation in response or behavior. However, as the child steps into his second year, some of the traits around the 18th month warrant may include:

1.Inablility to speak a single meaningful word

2. Inability to point with index finger, or look at something that has been pointed out 

3. Lack of pretend play.

4. Sudden regression  in terms of something that the child has learnt but has now forgotten.

As the child grows, these challenges get magnified further. At 2 to 2.5years of age the second set of symptoms may surface such as

1. Repetitive play with objects

2. Inappropriate play with toys such as spinning the wheels of a toy car for an extended time

3. Social communication delay

4. Obsession with certain activities such as switiching the light on and off meaninglessly for a very long period.

These traits can interfere with the child's learning in all domains be it social, academic or personal.

These are red flags that parents need to take cognizance of, and seek professional help from a developmental pediatrcian, and if need be from a pediatric neurologist to ensure early diagnosis and early intervention for their child.

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