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Easy To Do Smoothie Recipes With Nutritional Info!

Huda Shaikh
3 to 7 years

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on May 22, 2020

Easy To Do Smoothie Recipes With Nutritional Info
Reviewed by Expert panel

As a mother you are always striving to give the best to your child. However, while looking for healthy and cooling drinks, you end up falling prey to the wrong ones for your child. So what do you? How do you ensure that the smoothies you are giving your child are healthy enough for him or her? Worry not, as we bring a couple of smoothie recipes which are not only healthy but have a boost of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals.

So let’s shout once again, “Thanda Thanda Cool Cool’’. And get going…

  1. Banana Apricot Smoothie
  • 2 Small Ripe bananas
  • 5 Pieces fresh apricots
  • 100ml plain curd
  • 1 Tbsp (15 grams) muesli for garnish
  • In a blender, blend together all the ingredients expect the muesli.
  • Once done place the smoothie in a tall glass and garnish with muesli.

Nutritional Information-

  • Energy (kcal): 250        
  • Carbohydrates(grams): 29      
  • Proteins(grams):  5.3
  • Fats(grams): 7.2

2) Melon and Dates Smoothie

  • 2 Slices melon
  • 100ml Plain curd
  • 5 Dates seedless
  • 1 Tbsp (15grams ) oats
  • In a blender, blend together all the ingredients and then add it to a tall glass and serve.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy(kcal): 250
  • Carbohydrates(grams): 34      
  • Proteins(grams): 4.3     
  • Fats(grams): 4.25

3)  Mango and Pineapple Smoothie

  • 1 Cup (100grams) pineapple ,cubes
  • 1  medium ripe Mangoes, sliced
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • In a blender, blend together all the ingredients.
  • Remove in a tall glass and serve.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy (kcal): 172        
  • Carbohydrates (grams): 22.2  
  • Proteins (grams): 0.7    
  • Fats (gms): -

4.  Papaya and Pear Smoothie

  • 1 Katori (100gms) papaya, chopped
  • 1 small Pear
  • 1 Cup (100ml) plain curd
  • ½ tsp honey
  • 3 Almonds, chopped
  • In a blender, blend all the ingredients together and once done remove it in a tall glass and serve fresh.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy (kcal): 235        
  • Carbohydrates (grams): 28     
  • Proteins (grams): 4.1    
  • Fats (grams): 7

Did you like these smoothies? Do try them and leave your feedback in the comments section below. 

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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| May 30, 2017

thank you so much huda shaikh for sharing so different and nutritious recipes it's going to help me a lot as my daughter don't want to chew anything and I am also fed up by giving her juices and milkshakes

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| May 31, 2017

can I give it to my son who is 9 months old

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| May 31, 2017

healthy n nutritive recipe thanks for sharing

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| Jun 06, 2017

Hi Pratiksha,I am glad to found these recipes useful :) Please do try the recipes and share your experience.

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| Jun 06, 2017

Hi Rinny,Though the recipes are healthy,but would be better if you give it after your little one turns a year old.

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| Jun 06, 2017

Hi Sonal,Your most welcome :)

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