Easy Ways to Nurture Creative Thinking in Children Being at Home

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Updated on Dec 15, 2021

Easy Ways to Nurture Creative Thinking in Children Being at Home

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”Plutarch, a Greek philosopher.

The above mentioned quote had caught my attention years ago but I realized the significance of its message while bringing up my own children. Children are unhindered - creativity in action constantly exploring, experimenting, determined learners discovering their own truth in their unique ways, however sometimes adults may ensure that they fit in some kind of structured routine fulfilling the demands of the current times.


Consequently, with every passing year we see children getting more involved due to longer school hours, after school activities and if that is not enough then there are the different gadgets that are distracting the children in every household.  Parents are constantly struggling to engage their children in free play and creative pursuits. 


It’s only after some years of playful experimentation with my children and their friends (who come in my creativity enhancement classes) that I learnt of the many ways to nurture creativity in children.   


The prime question that pops out here is - What is Creativity?

To many of us creativity is limited to  art,  music or writing prose / poetry. However, experts define creativity as the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others (All of which are crucial for success and fulfillment in life). 


Furthermore many studies unanimously agree that children are naturally creative abundantly indicated through their day to day activities. No wonder, we often see them finding joy in playing with things that we adult don't really consider exciting, they are master of glorifying mundane objects by using them as props for their imaginative play, they cherish myriad little things while they attach high creative value to them. It is further suggested that children are highly capable in viewing things differently with fresh perspectives. This very attribute is the much needed fuel for creativity to prosper. 

Tips to Promote Creative Thinking in Children

We wish our children to retain and hone their creative potential as a life long asset and for the very same purpose we may have to wear the creativity fostering attitude. This entails:

Widening the window of Possibility:

We have innumerable examples from history where great scientists and inventors refused to be limited by the common notions of possible and impossible. Same way, children can be encouraged to discover all possibilities while problem solving. The very approach of - discovering all possibilities - leads to the generation of creative ideas and hence fuel innovation.

Thinking  far and wide by giving freedom to explore, Eg. When a child is playing with any game, parent can make the child think about - how can you play this differently?

Supporting Repeated Trials:

Children love trying. Its so much fun to watch 3-5 years old trying to make something with building blocks. They would try to make the longest tower and it inevitably fell ..then they do some modification and try again...they keep trying and trying. Many a times adults hinders this natural process of learning by offering best logical way to do a particular thing.

Celeberating Failures:

Actively search for incidents where a child fails at something after a fair trial. Such incidents offer great opportunities to teach the children the value of repeated trials. You must celebrate thier failures as well as thier success. Reward them with hearty appreciation  and then  

Promoting Flexibility:

Inculcating tolerance of ambiguity or unpredictability, finding joy in the process rather than just end result.

The enjoyment of things here to fore unknown.

Indulge all senses:

Senses are our chief organs of perception ... the more awaer are we of our sensory input

Whole brain Using left and right brain

A lot has been said about the righta nd the left brain in recent times. left side of our brain is the seat of analysis, logic and reasoning whwreas the right side of our brain is the seat of creativity and appreciative inquiry.  


End the blog with your own experience , instances by your children that summerise the blog 

Foster Creativity in Kids

And so, here I go with some fun and easy ways to infuse and nurture creativity through our daily engagements with our children. 

  • Indulge all senses:
  • Fantabulous fairy-tales: 
  • Magic of music:
  • Whole brain Using left and right brain
  • Recreating through recycling 
  • Sky Gazing
  • Dose of inspiration
  • Multi-dimentional 3d
  • All children are artists ..the challenge is - picasso
  • Tell me why? meaningfull qus
  • Make them gennie --- involve them to find a solution
  • Make your own jigsaw
  • Mind-benders 
  • Impromptu brain teasers
  • Animal  magic
  • Playing with dough – baking
  • Fun with shadows


Convince Child to Do & Make

Let them create their own toys –

  • recycling
  • 2d and 3d
  • sky gazing
  • Watch ad – wat ar they seling
  • fathers involvemtn
  • play dates
  • read them about the great inventors
  • Art – make your own gift bags, gift wrappers
  • Asking meaningful questions
  • involve them in finding solutions
  • how can you find a solution
  • make own jigsaw puzzles
  • Paper folding
  • stacking cans
  • jugglins
  • multi sensory – fruits, describe the cutting –orange
  • impromptu brain teasers
  • Animal  magic
  • playing with dough – baking
  • fun with shadows
  • collage making
  • concenterate on good don’t reject the bad -
  • Tell them fairy-tales
  • Sing with them
  • Juggle juggle
  • Indulge all the senses

Happy Parenting !

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