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Educate Your Child About World Sustainable Energy

Urvashi Shah
11 to 16 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Oct 24, 2021

Educate Your Child About World Sustainable Energy
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With the world leading towards global warming at a fast pace, it is high time that we start thinking about the way we are living. Living the way as we are now, all dependent up on technology, we are teaching our children the same. Before our world gets depleted of all the resources, we need to sit down our children and talk with them about the sustainable energy. You need not make the talk complex and can explain to your child in a simple manner by considering the following tips.

What Renewable or Sustainable Energy is?

Renewable energy sources include all types of energy and fuel that can be renewed as opposed to fossil fuels such as oil. Renewable energy includes solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and biomass.
  1. Solar energy:

    Being a powerful source of energy, solar energy can be used in a variety of ways, including as a source of heat. Many utility companies are now starting to use photovoltaics, a process in which solar energy is directly converted to electricity using photovoltaic devices
  2. Wind energy:

    Lately, scientists have begun harvesting wind to generate power. In the modern day, windmills are an efficient source of energy which creates power that can be used in several ways
  3. Hydro energy:

    Hydropower is a reliable, renewable, and clean source of energy that converts the kinetic energy, produced by falling water into electricity. It does not consume any more water than it is produced by nature, making it a promising form of renewable energy, making it one of the oldest methods used by humans for creating electricity
  4. Geothermal energy:

    Geothermal energy is the energy generated from the earth which can be produced and used in small amounts if the consumers are residing near the source of energy. The heat created by the Earth can be used as a source of energy in many ways from small pumping stations to large power stations
  5. Biomass energy:

    Biomass is organic that contains sunlight stored in the form of chemical energy. Biomass fuels include straw, wood waste, wood, sugar cane, manure, and other by-products produced from different agricultural processes. The reason why biomass is considered as renewable source of energy is because the energy contained within it is produced by photosynthesis
After teaching your child about the types of sustainable energy, you can talk to him/her on saving energy. The following fun and engaging ways will help your children to understand the concept of saving energy better.
  1. Play a game:

    If you lecture your child about environmental concern and start stating various facts, it is not going to help as he/she will only get bored. That is why you can engage your child in a little game instead which will help him/her to take interest. Ask your child to walk around the house with pen and paper, and to make a note of all the appliances and equipment that consume energy. Make them write down the names of all these things and let them suggest what measures can be taken within the home to reduce consumption of electricity and go green. You can also take a part in this game by sharing some ideas in order to conserve the energy
  2. Switch off the lights:

    You can teach your child to switch off your lights when not needed. You can start this practice on a regular basis which will encourage your children to do the same. This will conserve the energy as well as cut down your bill, thus, increasing your savings. In this way, you can teach your child how using less electricity impacts the environment in a positive manner
  3. Transportation:

    Today everyone wants to reach everywhere on a quick basis and hence do not think once before starting their car and bike engine and speeding off. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, pollution is increasing, thus, causing global warming. Instead, teach your child to cycle off to school or simply make use of public transportation. You too can take an initiate by cycling or walking to work if it is within a short distance or make use of public transport to reach the desired destination
  4. Visit a power plant:

    You can take your child on a small picnic to a power plant which will help your child to understand concept better. Teach your child how it directly impacts the environment, and educate him/her about renewable sources such as solar and wind energy that are eco-friendly alternatives

Things To Remember-

  1. Make your child understand that conserving energy isn’t a tough task to do. There are various home remedies too which are useful to us in conserving energy
  2. Living in an eco-friendly manner will not be burning a hole in your pockets and is hence a better option for survival
  3. Taking small steps make a huge impact towards energy conservation that will help humans in the long run

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| Feb 26, 2018

very resourceful write up.. it's the need of the hour to discuss about renewable resources and their uses with future generations so that we can ensure we are leaving a secure and sustainable sources for them to live.

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| Feb 26, 2018

Thnx ... its very informative

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| Jan 23, 2020

Urvashi Shah well done.. great article.. must read for every parent nd child

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