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Top 10 Educational/Learning Apps You Should Know About

Urvashi Shah
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Top 10 EducationalLearning Apps You Should Know About

Technology has entered your child's classroom as well. And with studies becoming more and more complex, it is only wise to download some of the education or learning apps that help your teen in understanding the complex algorithms, formulae in a simple manner. Scroll down to read some of the educational or learning apps that will help your teen score better.

10 Educational/Learning Apps For Your Teen

  1. Byju's App: Byju's gain popularity because of the interactive teaching method it propagated in the app. Difficult physics formulae, or complex mathematics formulae everything is explained here in a simple manner. Byju's has gained popularity amongst the students' community because of its interactive design element that includes games and puzzles. You can download the app free of cost from google playstore and get started with your course in a fun and interactive manner
  2. Merit Nation: Merit Nation is an education app from the house of and caters to the specif syllabus by CBSE and ICSE. The app has online study portal, and since it caters to the CBSE and ICSE syllabus, your teen will be able to do more practice questions based on his or her syllabus. Available at Google playstore for free of cost the app requires only 17 MB of your phone space
  3. PhotoMath: As the name suggests the app concentrates only on maths and mathematical concepts. So if your teen is struggling with mathematical concepts and wants to learn it the easy way, this is the app you need to go for. Available at Google playstore for free, the app uses your phone's camera and OCR technology to read the problem as you write it down and then shows you step by step how to solve the problem
  4. Science 360: If your child is fascinated by the world of science then introduce him to the Science 360 app right away. Your child will soon have cutting edge science and engineering, videos and images right at his finger tips. With new content being added every week, your child will be ensured quality education. Requiring 82.3 MB of space in your smart phone, this app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store
  5. NASA Visualization Explorer: If your child has been showing interest in the study of space then gift him the NASA Visualization Explorer app for free of cost in your smart phone. This will be the best way to explore the space and the universe right from your home. Your younger one can begin learning about planets and stars while the older ones can discover interesting facts about the universe. Needing only 6.2 MB of space in your smart phone, this app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store
  6. Coursera: Another app making waves in the educational arena is Coursera. The app offers a wide variety of topics ranging from computer science to business, from foreign language to art. It covers everything. The app has around 1000 courses and while most of the courses are free there are some that may cost money. What's better is that the app is cross-platform so you can use it on your laptop as well
  7. Toca kitchen monsters: If find your teen inclined towards cooking, baking or anything related to service industry then Toca Kitchen Monsters app is your best bet. The app helps in enhancing your teen's imagination by cooking meals within limited resources. The app will help boost his or her quick thinking and enhance his or her cognitive skills as well
  8. Colour band: If your child is creative then help him come in terms with the Colour Band app which is available for free download in your smart phone through Google Play Store and will require about 30 MB space. Your child can dive in to the world of art and music with the help of music. There are 80 colours that your child can use, each having a corresponding sound to go with
  9. Google Playbooks: It is believed that google playbooks has improved a lot since it was first launched and now is considered as one of the best learning apps for your teen. While the app is free to download, books may cost money
  10. Pizza fractions 1: Fractions can be a little complex to understand and if the basic funda is not cleared then it can pose some problems in higher classes. With his or her constant disinterest in learning fractions, download the app to make it more interesting for your teen. Teen and pizza are a great combination to make learning fun and easy for your teen

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| Jan 05, 2018

wow amazing blog with some excellent suggestions on apps which teens might find useful!! thanks for sharing!

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