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Significance of Eggnog during Christmas

Urvashi Shah
7 to 11 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Dec 24, 2017

Significance of Eggnog during Christmas
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From picking out a Christmas tree, to baking cakes and cookies, to making ginger breads, there are ample of traditions associated with this holiday festival. Apart from the celebrations, food and drinks have also become a part of the tradition that people love to indulge in, one such being eggnog. So let us look up on this Christmas drink and its significance in the blog ahead.

What Is Eggnog?

You must be wondering what eggnog is. Eggnog is a festive holiday drink is typically made with milk, egg yolks, rum or whiskey, and spices. You can also buy pre made non-alcoholic eggnog at the supermarket which usually contains small amounts of pasteurized egg yolks so it's safe to drink.

How Did The Tradition Of Drinking Eggnog Came Into Being?

It is said that eggnog is descended from a drink called ‘posset’ which consisted of hot curdled milk, ale or wine, and spices. Other ingredients like figs, sherry, and eggs were added to the recipe later on as the drink became popular among monks and the wealthy.

This drink made its debut in the American colonies, in the 18th century, where both eggs and rum were available in plenty. As it gets chilly during Christmas, eggnog became a popular drink because of its warm temperature and the addition of flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean.

Interesting Facts About Eggnog

Here are some interesting facts about eggnog during Christmas Eve.

  1. Eggnog usually comprises milk or cream, beaten eggs and sugar and most of the traditional recipes of eggnog call for alcoholic drinks like rum or whiskey
  2. Dec. 24 is National Eggnog Day, so make sure to sit back and enjoy a glass this Christmas Eve
  3. Eggnog is usually available in U.S. stores from mid-November to January only
  4. American manufacturers offer a variety of eggnogs with substitutes for dairy milk that can be found in stores. Popular substitutes for dairy milk include soy, almond or rice milk
  5. The word eggnog is believed to be derived from the word "noggin," a small wooden cup that the drink was served in
  6. People are so obsessed with the holiday classic that it has been turned into everything from lip balms to soap to lattes to taffy to gumballs to salt

How Much Eggnog Is Consumed During Christmas?

According to findings, over 135 million pounds of eggnog is consumed by Americans each year. That’s a lot of amount!However, there is no particular record of how much eggnog is consumed in India during Christmas.

Is Eggnog Good For You And Your Child?

Eggnog is a cream and egg based drink made with a variety of spices and spirits. A single cup of it has 350 calories, 12 gms of protein, 7gms of saturated fat, 20 gms of sugar and 149mg of cholesterol.

Saturated fat is commonly found in animal products and excessive consumption of the same can increase your chances of heart disease and high cholesterol.

One serving contains about 5 teaspoons of sugar which can lead to diabetes and triglycerides if eggnog is consumed in higher amounts.

But a healthier version of it can be made using low-fat milk instead of whole milk and cream. You can reduce the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners and avoid the use of spirits too.

Is Eggnog Safe For Your Child?

You will obviously not serve eggnog comprising of spirits to your child, hence a healthier version of it can be given but in a limited quantity. Since eggnog is made with raw eggs, it is not advisable to serve a toddler but an older child, say between the ages 7 to 11 can consume the same in a smaller quantity.

Can I Prepare An Eggnog That Is Safe For My Child?

Here is how you can make eggnog that will be suitable for your child.

Ingredients To Prepare Eggnog That Is Child Friendly

  1. 1 cup sugar
  2. 6-8 large eggs
  3. 4 teaspoons vanilla extract
  4. Freshly grated nutmeg

Method To Prepare Eggnog That Is Child Friendly

  1. Whisk together milk, eggs, cream and sugar in a saucepan
  2. Cook it over medium flame while you whisk constantly until the mixture thickens slightly and coats the back of a spoon
  3. Do not bring the mixture boil
  4. Turn off the flame and add vanilla extract to the same
  5. Serve this by adding toppings of grated nutmeg to enhance the taste
  6. You can serve it both hot and cold
  7. If it thickens in the refrigerator, you can simply add a little milk to it before serving
  8. Not just your child, even you can enjoy this delicious milk
  9. Since it contains raw eggs, is it advisable to consume in a small quantity
  10. Enjoy your delicious homemade eggnog with your family and friends

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| Dec 26, 2017

thank u so much Urvashi Shah for sharing the significance of egg nog during Christmas.. a must try recipe for all.

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