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“Encourage Learning Through Play”, A Nugget Of Advice From A Mom

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 15, 2021

Encourage Learning Through Play A Nugget Of Advice From A Mom
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In December when I went to my daughter’s school to pay the fees, the reception desk was busy attending to new admission enquiries. As I sat in the waiting area,I observed parents who were busy filling the school admission enquiry form. I recalled how filling the admission forms seem equivalent to appearing for board or graduation exams. After completing the form, one of the moms came up to me to ask a few questions about nursery admission process. ”How do you find the school?”. I replied, “I am satisfied with my daughter’s progress”. However, I could sense a feeling of doubt.

After talking for a while, she said, “One of my friend’s daughter is presently going to nursery in this school. But next year, she is changing the school”. When I asked her the  for school change, she said that her friend says that nursery doesn't have much syllabus. The school involves Children in activities other than writing. And, the school don't have Hindi in the nursery syllabus.

The answer was surprising to me. I couldn’t help but think, “Should we expect 3-4 years old to write and learn different languages? The after-thought was: At this age, I could hardly sing our nursery rhymes properly. At this tender age, when your child perhaps can’t eat properly on their own, should we expect them to learn new things that are difficult for them to understand? 

So as parents what do we do?

We make them to sit for hours to learn, study and score well; this results in increased peer pressure. At this age, shouldn’t they be allowed to explore their imagination, live in their fantasies, dreams and ask us many questions? .

What I learnt from this self reflection?

My daughter is in the right hands. The school’s playful method of teaching is helping her buildstrong fundamentals. Eventually,  she will learn new things in her own playful/ fun way. I want her to beplay, explore and be carefree. Doesn’t learning continue as long as one lives? Their childhood won’t come back, so, let’s make an effort to make these days the best of their life. When they grow up, they will have to face worldly problems and pressure. A this age, let them play, make a mess, do chores on their own, make new friends and explore new things.

Hope all you moms agree with me. Leave a comment if you do and tell me what do you think!


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