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How to encourage your child to eat fruits

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 15, 2020

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Fruit intake in food plays an important role in aiding digestion and cleansing the body due to its rich fibre content. According to Nutritionist, Huda Sheikh, one can incorporate fibre in the form of fruits like apple, oranges, pears, oranges which are known for their rich fibre content and vitamin levels. In case the child does not like the fruit in its natural form, you can add it to kheers, milk puddings, fruit yoghurts, smoothies, milkshakes, custards. You can make a picture chart of fruits and talk to him about its benefits to reinforce good eating habits. One can also use dryfruits in case the child readily consumes them or grind them and use the powder in porridges and other dishes. She also recommends placing some cut fruit near the child while he is engaged in watching tv, reading or playing. This will encourage the child to gradually pick up the fruit and eat. Even if he does not finish all of it a go, it is a good beginning. Consistency is the key and at no point should you force the child to eat. Allow tlhe habit of eating fruits develop gradually and organically.

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