Exploring VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean)


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Exploring VBAC Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
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In the previous two blogs we explored the various aspects of a natural birth and a Cesarean- section. In this blog I would like to explore the aspects of VBAC.
VBAC as the name suggests is a practice where the mother with previous c-sections chooses to deliver the baby through vagina. Research suggests that VBAC is better than a repeat c-section.

Lets look at the various factors that need to be kept in check when opting for VBAC

Acceptable conditions include:
•The previous cesarean(s) involved low transverse incision
•The original reason for a Cesarean delivery is not repeated with this pregnancy
•The mother doesn’t have any major medical problems
•Baby is of normal size
•The baby is in head-down position

Some contraindication for VBAC include:
•Unknown uterine incision(s)
•Previous surgical procedure like hysterectomy (Major abdominal surgery to reach the uterus done in case of fetal surgeries and in rare cases of abortions)
•Previous uterine rupture
•Less than two years from previous delivery

What are the other factors where a VBAC may be discouraged?
•The mother is above 40.
•The mother is obese.
•The mother is having various health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.
•The previous cesarean involved low vertical incision, classical incision, T-shaped, inverted T-shaped or J-shaped incision.
•More than one previous cesarean.
•Presence of more than one fetus.
•Gestation beyond 40 weeks.
•Fetus macrosomia (fetus greater than 4 kg – 4.5kg)

What may be the risks involved when opting for a VBAC birthing process?
•Less than one percent chance of uterine rupture
•Risk of infection doubles if vaginal delivery is attempted but results in cesarean
•The financial implications increase if VBAC attempt fails and result in cesarean
•Usual risks of normal delivery

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Benefits of VBAC include all benefits of normal delivery and negate the risks of surgery. Moreover it is important to highlight that if a woman plans for more children then more the number of C-section; more will be the surgical complications making VBAC a viable choice.
Choosing for VBAC should be accompanied by the choice of practitioner who too believes and supports the practice of VBAC. The birthing place should be equipped with equipment and procedures supporting VBAC. Last but not the least, what matters most is your own belief in your body, mind and soul that you are capable of giving birth to your child naturally.
Before concluding I would like to share that when I opted for VBAC, I got quite heartbroken to know that I was falling under the category where in trying for VBAC was not obviously suggested as my previous c-section was a classical vertical incision type. However, I kept faith in myself, discussed heart to heart with my gynecologist about my deep intent of giving birth naturally. My doctor really demystified the whole air and explained that she was ninety percent sure of my success and the rest ten percent is her job to tackle.

Today I am glad that I did take the call and went in for a VBAC as the experience that I got was nothing as compared to the C-section birthing process that I had gone through the first time.

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| Jul 03, 2013

My wife is concvd fr the secnd time and when v checkd wth our doc she said tht here in blore no doc takr the risk for a normal del fr the secnd attempt if the initial one was a c sec...

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| Jul 05, 2013

Dear Sunil , You may try and check with some more gynaecologists. Not only me my younger sister also have had a easy normal delivery during the second baby after the first c-sec delivery.

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| Jul 05, 2013

This was an eye opener. I have already two kids. Both were Caesarian. Now I want a third one with a normal delivery.

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| Jul 05, 2013

Dear Afrin Your resolve is the one that matters the most, after that a lot depends on the Gynaecologist that you consult.

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| Oct 14, 2013

Thanks for sharing this gaurima!! my first one was C-section, though i had no complications & both of us were healthy. Now second time i will surely try for normal delivery.

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| Jun 23, 2015

My first delivery was normal delivery and now second time ,i have low lying placenta. now I complete 34 weeks ,is any chance for normal delivery ?please help me.

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| May 05, 2016

Hi,I am the one who is waiting for VBAC as my first gone through C Section. Now I am in 38th week waiting for the baby drop. My doc said if the baby dropped and the pains would come she will be ready for normal one. Just eagerly waiting what would going to happen?!Thank you for the article.

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| May 18, 2020

Plz tell me address of hospital

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