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Family Structure

Family, they say is not a family till it has little people completing it, this idea may be open to debate but the fact that children are the central characters in the daily lives’ of most families is beyond doubt. We only need to see how marketers are targeting kids to sell otherwise grown up stuff (detergent, water purifier etc) to know how universal this truth is. Therefore families and children sustain each other, while a family without a child may be considered less than ideal, a child without a family is as far from ideal as can be!

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| Jun 04, 2015

We live in a joint family. But in my honest opinion, each kind of family has its own ups and downs. There are pros and cons to each structure. For ex: in today's highly changing world, where even moms go to work, its easier if there is someone at home to take care of the kid - someone to call their own (not nannies). Also, on the other end of the spectrum, for elderly people, its hard to make them understand that working mothers have lot of pressure in the workplace to perform and sometimes would have to work late and stuff. In such cases, it sometimes feels easier to be living on your own and conforming to your own timings / lifestyle.

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