MR Vaccination Campaign Dates in India 2018 - Your Frequently Asked Questions

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MR Vaccination Campaign Dates in India 2018 Your Frequently Asked Questions

WHO (The World Health Organization) recommends that every child receives two doses of measles vaccine. It's also recommended that measles and rubella efforts be combined. The Measles & Rubella Initiative is making great strides to bring this opportunity to the world’s children. The vaccines are safe and effective, and when covered in a population is very high, the viruses stop spreading. Very high coverage can thus lead to the elimination of measles and rubella

MR Vaccination Dates in India 2018-19 

The government of India initiated MR (Measles & Rubella) Vaccination campaign across the country starting in UP & West Bengal [ 27th Nov 2018 till Dec End]. Check MR Campaign dates for other states/cities...  

City or State

MR Vaccination Dates


Starting 16 Jan’19

Uttar Pradesh

Starting 27 Nov’18

West Bengal

Starting 27 Nov’18


Starting 27 Nov’18


Started 01 May’18

Rubella infection is sometimes called German Measles or 3-day Measles. It is a generally mild disease caused by the rubella virus. Rubella virus is classified as a togavirus, genusRubi virus.


FAQs on MR Vaccination Campaign in India

Here are some frequently asked questions about Measles & Rubella Vaccine. Read it.

#1. Question: What is MR Vaccine?

MR stands for the Measles and Rubella Vaccine.

#2. Question: When is going to be given?

Any time in schools on one day, for school children between 27th November and next 5 weeks. Each School will have a different day. Those too young to attend school, will receive it from nearest Anganwadi and Municipal or Government dispensaries.

#3. Question: What is the Importance of Measles?

Measles is a childhood infectious disease that causes high fever cough and severe rash. It is associated with high rates of complications after the illness. They are Pneumonia, Gastroenteritis, Malnutrition.

#4. Question: What Is the Importance of Rubella?

Rubella is also known as German Measles. It is also a childhood illness with fever and rash. It is harmful to a pregnant lady's baby. That baby can get Cataracts, Blindness, Deafness, Mental Retardation, Heart Disease. This is called Congenital Rubella Syndrome.

#5. Question: How often will this vaccine be given?

Just this once in the National Programme.

#6. Question: What about those who have received MMR vaccine earlier?

It is still to be given. To all children between 9 months to 15 years.

#7. Question: What if a child is ill on that day and can't attend school?

It can be given after the child recovers at a later date at local Municipal Dispensary or Anganwadi.

#8. Question: How much will it cost?

It is totally free.

#9. Question: Can we give it to our local Family Physician or Pediatrician?

No, it has to be given at the designated centers only.

#10. Question: We are concerned about the safety of this vaccine!

This is a very safe and effective vaccine. Here's why:

  • It is manufactured by Serum Institute of India for the last 40 years and all doctors have used these vaccines before.
  • Trained Nurses will be administering it
  • Each center will have trained Nurses, Doctors, Government Officials, and School Teachers and Principals too.
  • The syringes will be single-use, they get automatically destroyed after a single use.
  • All emergency preparations are made for any mishap.
  • All Pediatric and other hospitals will be ready to handle emergencies.


#11. Question: What are the side effects?

Generally, the side effects are very mild and they are local pain, swelling and redness, and fever. This can be treated with paracetamol and local ice fomentation. These side effects are common for all vaccinations.

#12. Question: So you recommend taking the Vaccine?

Yes, Please go ahead & take the vaccines. It is safe & effective. 


Do drop a comment in case you have any other query about MR vaccines and do not forget to share this video with fellow parents and friends.


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| Dec 06, 2018

: ''ക്ക''"-< ° ' - പ്ര- ~ - l- പ്ര

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| Dec 06, 2018

it's a government of India initiatives, so to be given at the designated centers only i. e. schools, health centers etc. give only once

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| Dec 05, 2018

MMR vacation my baby is 9 month old I'm supposed to go for vacation tomorrow so should give dis in her regular hospital r should v go to some other center

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| Dec 03, 2018

it was mention age between 9 months to 15 years so every year it has to be taken or just once.

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| Dec 02, 2018

9 month old baby had been given MMR on 26 nov 2018 .Is it necessary to give MR this month?

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| Dec 01, 2018

did it 4 years baby is take to mr

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| Nov 29, 2018

thank you for sharing this information

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