12 Fashion blunders pregnant women make!

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12 Fashion blunders pregnant women make
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Fashion is for all!!! Maternity fashion is a style that you adopt in your pregnancy period. It in turn defines one of your most beautiful phases of your life. Maternity fashion has caught vogue as the society has undergone a transition for good. Time spent and expenditure incurred stand justified as these are the products that make a 'would be mother' feel empowered. She no longer plays a victim to the changing people attitude and changes in her own body, rather maternity fashion allow her to hold the reigns. It is a long span of 9 months, amidst all the preparing for the little one. Staying fashionable during your pregnancy lets you live the moment. Fashion for pregnant mommies is not something that will help them hide their condition; rather it is supposed to support their condition. But while we know what is fashion, let us look at what is fashion blunder and how you an avoid making one.

What Is A Fashion Blunder?

A fashion blunder is where you wear the latest and trendy, the fanciest and something that's in vogue, but somehow it does not suit the way it should. It ends up imparting an appearance which is not as smartly stylish as it should have been, many a times leaving one clumsy and shabby.

What Are The Most Common Fashion Blunders Made By Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy as we all know changes you from both inside and outside. While we try hard to cope with the change, following are some common fashion blunders made by pregnant women-

  1. Choosing yoke tops and dresses: A yoke is a part of a garment that fits over the shoulders and to which the main part of the garment is attached. Generally there is a clear demarcation of the chest part of a yoke dress which ends at your waist line, from where the remaining dress continues its fall. This yoke pattern outfits enhance your increased breast size and waistline. For mommies who have not gained much in the upper part it can still give you that cute baby bump look but otherwise it is a blunder
  2. Wearing flare bottoms: Flare bottoms; make a pregnant woman look stouter and completely disproportionate. So though your palazzos and patialas are in, one can weight for the baby fat to reduce. Rather one can go for printed legins or pants that give a peppy look
  3. Choosing body hugging fabrics: Hosiery and other body hugging fabrics are comfortable for in house dressing. However after a certain period in pregnancy these fabrics make your changed shape starkly visible and also you tend to feel sweaty. If the color is light even sweat marks show distinctly
  4. Dark colors enhance the tan: Dressing dark is a strict no. While we advance in pregnancy our skin tone also undergoes major changes one of it being tan in areas of neck, underarms, face, and area below knees. Wearing colors like dark blue, black, bright orange, does not generally give a pleasant feel so pastel shades and light colors work the best. But, dark colors do give you an advantage in terms of hiding that baby bump. However on this you will get varied opinions
  5. Belt style dresses suit less: Again a belt style dress enhances your grown tummy and also becomes uncomfortable in case there is bloating or swelling (common during pregnancy)
  6. Choosing jeans: Jeans or denims are a heavy fabric with a thick heavy feel. With increased fat in the upper thighs and hips, jeans make you look fatter. Rather, printed pyjamas, straight fit pants, legins etc. are better bottom options. In case you can't do without it, you should go for denims with expandable waist lines and good fabric, opting for a good brand is also worth
  7. Opt for sleeveless, but with care: Heavier upper arms, and tanning make sleeveless a little less ideal. However, this largely depends on individual pregnancy
  8. Taking the scarf wrong: Yes, scarves look stylish, but wrapping them right is equally important. Using contrast colors and smart prints can work wonders
  9. Doing heavy make-up: This is the biggest mistake as it shows skin dryness, and also harms it. Better to avoid matte lipsticks, dark eye shadows etc. A moist lip color, light blush ons, a streak of Kajal and liner work the best
  10. Open hair make you look tired: You love open hair, but in pregnancy you tend to sweat more giving you a sticky tired look, so always choose a partially or fully tied hairstyle to give you that coveted smart look

How Can You Avoid Making a Fashion Blunder During Pregnancy?

Avoiding a fashion blunder in pregnancy has no rules as such but if the following things are kept in mind probably it is possible-

  1. Choose comfort over style: Discomfort shows on your face, which ruins the purpose of fashionable dressing. Being thoughtful in choice of fabric and pattern will let you breathe and feel and look pleasant
  2. Avoid aping others as every pregnancy is different: This applies to any kind of fashion. In fact, it holds good for all. Seeing another pregnant woman and blindly aping her style, would be of no use. Your own look in the mirror is your best guide
  3. Choose to transcend towards motherhood in acceptance: You like to don your favorite style, but if your structure is not letting you, do not fret. Live in acceptance and a realization that eventually you can get back to your first love. Till then, take advantage of options available and choose the best
  4. Stay aware of how you are looking despite the probably health issues: Poor health does not give you an excuse to look shoddy. Always stay aware of how you appear. This is as important for you as it is to people around you. Especially if it is your second pregnancy, your first child tends to draw his/her energies from you, which makes a soothing appearance even more essential
  5. Grace and style together work wonders: Keep that back straight, head high and face smiling. Style alone does not help, carrying oneself gracefully also matters

How These Celeb Moms Looked Fashionable While Pregnant?

Celebrities influence us in our day to day lives. They know how to do the right things in the right way as they have access to unlimited sources of fashion tips and products as well. As a naïve commoner, taking a tip or two from them (that suits our condition) works well.

Following are some renowned fashionistas who cracked their pregnancy period impressively well.

Kareena Kapoor

Wear nice knee-length dresses in dark shades that are slightly airy around the mid-section. Tunics are one of the best style statements for all seasons. Long sleeves and deep neckline will help you to highlight the right places only. You can also go for kaftans as they are classy and comfortable. A nice and light makeup to go along with the dress makes you look as fashionable as a happy mom-to-be can look.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney sets the stage for being a stylish mommy in her beautiful figure-hugging dresses and gorgeous skirts paired with low-neck tees. A maternity glow always adds that extra look to your overall appearance.

Soha Ali Khan

Avoid stilettos during your pregnancy. Wear nice and comfortable pumps and ballet. Style them according to your outfit. Colourful and trendy sneakers are also a great option.

Jessica Simpson

It is possible to remain stylish and comfortable while you are pregnant. Opt for loose and roomy clothes paired with fitted blazers that'll give you all the space and freedom – but also the structure –you need to get through your daily errands.

Genelia Dsouza

Anarkali suits with empire-waists not only look elegant but also hide your growing bump. You can also opt for A-line kurtas paired with tight chudidar. Women those who love salwar suit can wear long kameez to hide bump.

Adopt maternity fashion and take pride in it. Associate with it as a beautiful would be mother and not someone who is undergoing de –shaping. Yes, it is a challenge but you have a lot to choose from both online and otherwise. Let this phase be one of the best dressed phases of your life. A maternity photo shoot is another way of creating fond memories. I feel, it also lets you take your mind off the uncontrollable changes in your structure and skin tone.

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