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Fastest Way To Lose Weight : Choose The Right Diet For Your Body Type And Shape

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Fastest Way To Lose Weight Choose The Right Diet For Your Body Type And Shape

We all have different types and shapes of bodies. Some people struggle to lose weight, while others struggle to gain it!  Metabolism is the key. You need to understand your body type and shape in order to create a diet and exercise plan that works for you.  If you follow the right diet that matches your body type, you will remain in shape regardless of your body type.

Relation Between Metabolism And Weight

Weight and metabolism are intertwined. Your weight will be under control if you have a high metabolism. Having a low metabolism, on the other hand, may result in you not burning enough calories, causing you to gain weight more easily.

Choosing The Right Diet For Your Body Type And Shape

Your body type will determine what type of diet you should choose so that you can maintain a healthy and attractive shape.

Body Types

Identifying a person's body type will help them determine the cause of their weight issues and guide them towards a customized weight loss protocol. 


Based on metabolic rate, there are three types of bodies.

Ectomorph body type

Weight loss is not necessary for these types of body types more often. These people prefer to increase muscle mass instead.

Salient features

  • A lean, long-lived, and slim-boned individual with very little body fat and muscle

  • The shoulders are narrower than the hips, indicating a smaller bone structure

  • It is difficult for them to gain weight or build muscle.


  • Focus on Protein, carbs, and fat ratio 40:40: 20 respectively.

  • Adding complex carbohydrates like pasta, rice, grain bread, and dried fruits to your diet can maximize your results.

  • Stay hydrated and get enough rest in order to gain the perfect weight and muscle strength

Mesomorph body type

Salient features

  • Short limbs and a long torso are characteristics of this body type

  • Weight loss and gain are easy for mesomorphs

  • The metabolism is slower than that of ectomorphs but is faster than that of endomorphs. 

As they are also prone to gaining weight, they are advised to keep their calorie intake in check.


  • Low-carb and low-fat diets are also recommended.

  • Protein should make up at least one-third of the plate for Mesomorphs. 

  • Eat whole foods over processed foods, which have a high nutritional value and are low in salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats. 

  • Healthy diets for mesomorphs should also include fruits and vegetables. 

  • Boost the intake of non-starchy vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins, entire grains, as well as low- or non-fat dairy products.

Endomorph body type

In terms of weight management and fitness, this is the hardest body type to manage. Eating the right foods that kick-start your metabolism is essential.


Salient features

  • It is common for endomorphs to have curvy and fuller figures, and their bodies store fat easily.

  • As a result of having a slow metabolism, people with this body type accumulate fat, which is not burned sufficiently.

  • It is in their lower body where the muscle and fat are more concentrated.



  • It is important to limit carbohydrate intake.  

  • Avoid foods like white rice, white bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, and cookies

  • Choose leafy greens over potatoes and corn. 

  • Choose whole grains rich in fiber, such as brown and wild rice

  • Eat fish, chicken, and tofu for lean protein

  • Healthy monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil and walnuts, are ideal.

Body Shapes

Understanding body shapes is also critical when picking a diet to lose weight. Generally, the four types of body shapes are:

Hourglass body shape

Salient features

  • The bust and hips are roughly the same widths.

  • Tiny waist.

Bad news: Women with hourglass body shapes tend to gain weight on their hips, thighs, and upper arms, which are the most difficult places to lose weight.


  • Don't eat starchy root vegetables.

  • Include green veggies such as broccoli and zucchini.

  • Omega-three intake is important. Non-vegetarians eat a lot of omega-3-rich foods like salmon, while vegetarians can rely on seeds like flax.

Rectangle body shape


Salient features

  • This body shape doesn't have too many curves.

  •  Fat is distributed evenly throughout the body.

  •  The waist is almost as big as the hips and the bust.


  • Avoid white carbs, sweets, and carbonated drinks. 

  • Use brown or red rice instead of white rice.

  • Replace white bread with multi-grain or gluten-free bread.

  • Diet should include complex carbs

  • Include nourishing foods like sardines, avocados,  mixed seeds, and nuts

  • Use olive oil when cooking. Cold-pressed coconut or sesame oils are also a good option.

Cone body shape


Salient features

  • Consider this body shape as an inverted cone.

  • It features a large bust, broad shoulders, a thick waist, thin hips, and narrow legs.

  • Because of how their bodies are shaped and fat is distributed, they tend to appear heavier than they are.


  • Try grains like millet, oatmeal, and quinoa, along with dairy products and beans and peas that are low in fat.

  • Include eggs and sprouts 

  • Foods that spike blood sugar, like refined carbohydrates, sugar, and starchy vegetables, should be avoided.

Spoon body shape


Salient features

  • Imagine a vertical spoon with its broad end pointing downward. This is how a spoon-shaped body appears.

  • They have a smaller bust and waist, but larger hips.


  • Eliminate saturated fats from your diet 

  • A diet rich in lean proteins, such as white meat, leafy greens, and lentils, is essential.

  • Consume a lot of salads, but limit sweet fruit to just one portion per day.



You should now have a good idea about the relationship between body types and weight loss. As long as you are within a healthy body-composition range, it doesn't matter what the scale says. Consider eating healthy foods and ensuring your body is nourished as your primary goal, rather than focusing solely on weight loss.


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