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DIY Father's Day Gifts

Shikha Batra
1 to 3 years

Created by Shikha Batra
Updated on Jun 20, 2020

Reviewed by Expert panel

As we all know father's day is just around the corner! I have planned some DIY activities to celebrate this special day and make it all the more special for fathers and father figures. This would be a small effort to acknowledge their contribution to the lives of their children. 


So today we are making a Father's Day Goodie bag which is super fun and easy to make. Without further delay let's get going with our DIY activity: 


For this you would need: 

  1. An old plain paper bag (plain or printed)

  2. Colored paper or printed fabric

  3. Buttons (4-5)

  4. Scissors

  5. A4 size sheet of white paper 

  6. A4 colored chart paper

  7. Thick chart paper cut out

  8. Poster Paints / Water Colors 

  9. Glue stick

    10. Glue

    11. Pencil


    13. Goodies

    14. Double tape

    15. Cello Tape




  1. Take a colored sheet of paper and write "I LOVE YOU DAD" and cut out the alphabets.

  2. Paste these alphabets roughly with a glue stick on the white sheet of paper folded into half in a manner so that these stay on. Write the message for your father inside the card. 

  3. Put your thumb impression using your Dad's favorite colors all around these alphabets covering the leftover space on the white sheet.

  4. Once dried remove the cutouts and paste this folded sheet on a thick chart paper.

  5. Put this card inside the goodie bag with other goodies that you plan to gift your Dad.

  6. Fold up the opening edge of the goodie bag twice and secure it with a piece of tape.

  7. Cut 1 / 3rd part from both the corners, leaving the middle part intact.

  8. Fold the flap from both the sides at 45 degrees angle like shown in the video and secure it with a piece of tape.

  9. You could make a bow tie or a tie as shown in the video on the printed sheet of paper.

    10.Paste this bow tie or the tie with a glue stick along with the buttons on the goodie bag.


This is a perfect gift for your father which will make him super excited. Hope your Dad likes this Father's day Goodie Bag!


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| Jun 20, 2020

Thanks shikha for sharing this easy to make craft . It's very nice and easy to make. Your videos are always very helpful and beautiful.

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| Jun 20, 2020

Very nice dear... amazing gift for fathers day

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| Jun 20, 2020

Thank you so much Ekta Malik for your valuable feedback! Really appreciate !🙏🙏

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| Jun 20, 2020

Thank you so much CHANDNI SINGH for your valuable feedback! Glad you liked it! 🙏🙏

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| Jun 20, 2020

Creative idea and activity for kids that can be a lovely keepsake for dads! I'm sure all dads will be very happy to receive something as beautiful as this!! Keep sharing

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| Jun 20, 2020

Thank u so much Jyoti Dua for your lovely feedback! Really appreciate!😊😊

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