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Father's Day Exclusive: Ideas to make him feel special!

Neha Gupta Mittal
7 to 11 years

Created by Neha Gupta Mittal
Updated on Jun 18, 2017

Fathers Day Exclusive Ideas to make him feel special
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With no resources of their own, can your child can  gift their fathers? I say why not, just a little thought and help and there can be a gift ready. Tried to put in a list of 10, but a child’s gift should look like one hence settled for a shorter one.

1.Greeting Card

An all- time favourite with child, a greeting card can always be kept as a fond memory. Here a tip is to use stickers, stones and cut outs to make a genuinely nice card. Your little angel complete a card with both self -drawing and coloring. Make sure the message in the card is completely in your child’s words and language, as that makes all the difference. Use color pens, sequins, stars, shiny tapes, blow pens .etc.

2.Small recitation with cake

At an Annual Day every parent awaits his/her child’s performance. Once it starts, it is a proud moment even if he/she falters or gets nervous. How happy your hubby would be to see his child sing and dance to a song dedicated to his/her ‘Papa.’ This can be followed by cake cutting. For this you have to start at least 8 days before and in his absence you need to teach the child. Please explain the innocent souls to not guard the secret till the D-Day and yes do not forget to video record the act.You can always refer to the internet or books for such poems or may also go for movie songs.

For instance the following poem

“You are my hero, holding my hand

You jump, hide and sing in my band

We share a burger and ice cream together

We fly a balloon and chase a feather

I wait for you to be back home every day

I know you love it when ‘Love you papa’ I say”

(Written by me for my daughter to recite)

3.Watch a movie together

“Papa please take me for this movie, I really want to see it.” Why not take Papa for a movie? At home let your child make his/her father comfortable in the room where you wish to play the movie. Make all the arrangements beforehand and teach your child to play the movie. To add a little humor, mid- way ask your child to get pop corns and iced tea for your hubby. This little boy/girl doing the Papa act will pleasantly surprise him. Also let your child pick the movie, and trust me for a father, the thoughtfulness will matter the most.

4.Cook for him

Non-fire cooking is so popular these days. A mayo sandwich or cupcakes dressed by your child, a glass of lemonade or some nachos with readymade salsa served in style. Make your child wear a small apron, teach her to lay the table for that day and yes, a   hand-written menu card will make your husband beatific.


Visit a store or a mall and let your child select gifts for Papa. The condition should be that he/she should have a reason for buying a particular thing. You pitch only if the price estimate shakes or in case of dimensions and fit. It would be wise to guide them to a particular section in case he/she is going completely offbeat or else let it be a free reign.

Who says surprises are only for mothers, even the fathers deserve them. Yes, they are less expressive and practical but a little sprinkle of laughter and a touch of love will make them melt for their cuddly angel.  This is thus a smallish blog on small gifts to create small joys this Father’s Day.

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| Jun 18, 2017

liked the

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| Jun 18, 2017

very nice blog.....

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| Jun 18, 2017

very innovative ideas

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