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Feeding Schedule For Your Newborn

Faraz Mohammad Khan
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Created by Faraz Mohammad Khan
Updated on Apr 03, 2020

 Feeding Schedule For Your Newborn
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From almost the moment your baby is born, they are hungry. Newborns feed very, very frequently and it's perfectly natural. A newborn's tummy is quite small and understandably they need to feed often.

A baby is considered a newborn from birth to about 3 months of age. During this time, your baby's feeding and sleeping pattern will be nothing like yours. Your baby will sleep in short bursts and feed in between. Infact sometimes, your baby might drift off while feeding too.

Understandably, feeding a newborn is a round-the-clock commitment. It's also an opportunity to bond with your baby. Following are a few quick tips for help

  • Stick with breast milk or baby formula Breast milk is the ideal food for babies. It's nutritious and digests fairly quuckly. In case breast feeding isnt possible, use baby instant formula. Formula fed babies tend to eat slightly less often as a baby's tummy takes longer to digest the formula. Healthy newborns don't need water, juice or other fluids.

  • Heed the cue Most newborns feed anywhere between 8 to 12 times a day. Roughly one times each 2 to 3 hours. Be on the lookout for signs of hunger such as stirring or stretching, lip movements and sucking motions. Crying is a later cue. The sooner you feed, the easier will it be to soothe your baby

  • Expect variations in your newborn's eating patterns Newborns don't adhere to any strict amount of feed everyday. During growth spurts; often two to three weeks from birth and at six weeks from birth; your newborn might want to eat more and more oftenly. Respond to these signs rather than keeping a strict clock.

  • Trust your newborn's instincts You might feel that your baby isn't eating enough, but babies mostly know how much they need. Instead of focusing on regularity of feeds, look for Steady weight gain Contentment between feeds Proper bowel movements

  • Don't shy away from help If you have trouble breast feeding or your baby isn't gaining weight, consult your doctor.

Below are a couple feeding schedules for your newborn. Feel free to modify them as per your newborn's schedule

2-8 weeks breast fed newborn 9:00 AM – Wake and Feed 10:00 AM – Nap (30-60 minutes) 11:00 AM – Wake and Feed 12:30 PM – Nap (30-60 minutes) 1:30 PM – Wake and Feed 3:30 PM – Nap (30 – 60 minutes) 4:30 PM – Wake and Feed 6:00 PM – Nap (30 – 60 minutes) 6:30 PM – Wake and Feed 7:30 PM – Catnap (20 – 30 minutes) 8:00 PM – Wake and Feed 9:30 PM – Catnap (20 – 30 minutes) 10:00 PM – Wake and Feed 11:30 PM – Feed and Bedtime 3:30 AM – Feed and Right back to sleep 6:30 AM – Feed and Right back to sleep

2-8 weeks formula fed newborn 9:00 AM – Wake and Feed 10:00 AM – Nap (60 – 90 minutes) 11:30 AM – Wake 12:30 PM – Feed and Nap (30 – 60 minutes) 1:30 PM – Wake 3:00 PM – Feed and Nap (60 – 90 minutes) 4:30 PM – Wake and Feed 6:00 PM – Nap (30 – 60 minutes) 6:30 PM – Wake 7:30 PM – Feed and Nap (30 – 60 minutes) 8:30 PM – Wake 9:30 PM – Nap (30 – 60 minutes) 10:00 PM – Wake and Feed 11:30 PM – Feed and Bedtime 4:30 AM – Feed and Right back to sleep 7:30 AM – Feed and Right back to sleep

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| Mar 22, 2020

Drink galact granules

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| Dec 27, 2019


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| Dec 27, 2019

Please tell me the weight gaining method for 10th old baby

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| Jun 11, 2019

this schedule in hindi?

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| Nov 22, 2018

I am feeding my 7-month-old baby girl Nan Pro with breast-milk. She seems to like it and it's also proving very healthy. As mothers we all undergo many delusions as to what to feed our baby and how to react and act with them. I had come across the importance of milk and how to choose a good fitting milk for my child by following mommy's corner. Here's the link for that

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| Jun 18, 2018

mera baby 4. 5month ka h. breastfeeding k sath sath formula milk bhi deti hu bcz mera dudh kam hota h. but my baby is dnt want to take formula milk. aisa lagta h mere dudh s pet ni bharta but after taking my milk he is fully satisfied .par jab pet dekhti hu to khali lagta h. what should i do

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| Jun 18, 2018

jnnjkl to uuii it to me your Tai if g up to o try to u to u u to p I r ur you up to hhhhhhhhyyyyhy we quq0í you for

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| Jun 15, 2018

My son is 1 month old, he cries continues till given feed, looks like he has developed habit, even later plays very less time, cries till given feed

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| May 20, 2018

Breastfeeding is the BEST milk for the baby and no other Milk can match to it. In case if mother is not able to feed this healthy, brainy and nutritious milk, she should try speaking to her doctor to check the reason. Very few mothers are unable to breastfeed and that too primarily due to medical reasons. As a mother, first and foremost, have a strong will to breastfeed, check on latching position, check on breastfeeding time etc. Every mum can have successful breastfeeding. So DO NOT discontinue, stop or replace it with any other Formula or top milk.

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| May 09, 2018

very useful for mother's of newborns..

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| Apr 28, 2018

what's the right age to stop feeding baby

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