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Feeding Your Child: Do’s and don’ts Do's

Payal Girdher
3 to 7 years

Created by Payal Girdher
Updated on Mar 12, 2020

Feeding Your Child Dos and donts Dos
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Do you always find yourself struggling with sealed lips and ‘no-no’ food? Read how one mother changed her child’s eating habits, and ensured that her child was eating healthy and finishing her meal. As a parent, I know how difficult it is to feed your child when she’s saying no to food and pressing her lips together. There’s no point in force feeding, as that will only aggravate the situation. I’ve learnt that it’s better to declare a ceasefire, wait for your child to get hungry and then feed her patiently.

Tips for Healthy Eating Habits in Your Child

Here are some pointers that will help in ensuring healthy eating habits in your children.

#1. Finish what’s on the plate 

Encourage your child to finish his/her food and say no to wastage. Also, serve only as much as they can eat; they can always go for a second helping.

#2. Fix a Proper Place for Meals

No moving around, either the kitchen area or dining room. Wherever it is, ensure that every one eats there. There should be no running behind your child to finish the meal.

#3. Healthy Fruits & Vegetables 

Inculcate the importance of fruits and vegetables. Let them snack on fruit platters, or prepare different veggies to add variety to the palate.

#4: Say No to Gadgets:

This is q distraction during meal times. Say no to TV, mobile phones or even landlines. Let the phone ring and avoid picking up during meal times, and your child will get the message that meal times are ‘no gadgets’ time. Read: 4 Ways to Tackle Child to Eat Well

#5. Meal times are family time:

In today’s busy life, if you share at least one meal with your family, your child will love it and will get the message that eating healthy and together is not an option, but a way of life. Read: Foods Ideas for Toddlers of 2 years

#6. Set Times for Meals:

Always set a time for meals; this should be started early. Ideally do this for at least one meal, the one where the whole family is together. 

#ParentuneTip: Ensure that you are following the same habits, to set an example. Check: Food Options for 2+ years toddler 

Is your child a fussy eater? How do you tackle the problem? Let us know in the comments below!

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| Jun 22, 2017

I generally do tell my kid some stories with lot of expressions and that makes him to eat some quantity.

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| Apr 04, 2017

mam my child is fussy eater n make her eat forcefully as she never ask for food or milk on her own. n I tend to loose my patience after some time

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| Apr 03, 2017

my child is not a fussy eater he need variety all time... bt when we feed spicy family food he may not eat even with ghee plz suggest hw can I introduce our foods r Curry's to him

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| Mar 25, 2017

@Ayesha Hi ,Ayesha there is nothing to worry so much. Fussy eating problems are common in this age group .Just be calm and understand the reason of your kid saying no all time. Also try some tips which I have mention in my blog. Another suggestion for you is to encourage your kid to do more physical activities so that after playing he gets hungry. Add some varieties in his food, presentation of food etc. "Remember magic is in our hand only"

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| Mar 24, 2017

hi my kid s 3y 8months .from the beggining he s fussy eater. for each meal he s ays no. from morning breakfast to night dinner he say i dnt want, kindly help me what should i do

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| Mar 24, 2017

@Marjorie Hi I can understand and would try to help you. See forcing our kid to eat actually never works. The more are forces the less likely they will actually eat. So, first we need to analysis the reasons why they are not eating and saying "no no" to food. Eventually all kids do get hungry and we need to wait for that time to feed them and then place a reasonable amount of food on their plate.. I would suggest dont give any junk foods like biscuits,chips ,etc before their meal time because that unnecessary satisfy their hunger and not healthy too. Instead if your kid wants to munch something before meal try giving some salads like,: Carrot cuts in stick shape,cucumber,tomato, and can be any fruits(show your creative hands here in making shapes)attract your kid to eat which is healthy, this will increase their appetite and will definitely eat satisfactory amount of his meal well. Hope this will help you. Happy parenting :)

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| Mar 23, 2017

My child is just going to be 2yrs in May but he doesn't like eating alwz a no to anything gvn to him,be it a new dish or jst the same food. Do reply as to how to tackle his fussy behaviour

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| Mar 23, 2017

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

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| Mar 23, 2017

Very Informative blog

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| Mar 23, 2017

Nice way to deal toddler during food tym. But i tell her stories from her younger stage about Ram Sita, one superhero who was very helpful but he use to avoid food then he was not able to fight with the monster etc etc etc aand at the age of 6 she eat and love to listen story. Every momaa can do use such different ideas to deal with their toddlers because as they grow we also learn some thing new.

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| Mar 23, 2017

very informative... and helpful..

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