20 Feng Shui Tips To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Chayanika Sen

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Updated on Oct 24, 2017

20 Feng Shui Tips To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

How Does Feng Shui Affect Fertility?

The aim of Feng shui is to balance energy of any place to ensure well being and good health of people residing or working in that environment. Energy referred to as "Chi" flows seamlessly like a river when all is in harmony. But this energy stalls when an environment does not adhere to the rules of Feng shui. As per Feng shui, infertility can be caused due to "Chi" being blocked or stagnated. It is believed the fertility of a woman may get a boost if the environment is aligned as per rules of Feng shui. It is said that there are several "over" and "under" components that should be in place when trying to conceive. Few tips to make the environment feng shui compliant so as to boost fertility have been discussed below:

Fengshui tips for boosting fertility

  • Fix taps and fans: Make sure that dripping of water or sound of moving fan is not heard when trying for a baby. These sounds represent the loss of energy. These disrupt the recharging of body chi at night depleting the precious energy helpful in conceiving
  • Sleep side of the bed: It is suggested that women sleep on the right side of the bed and men take the left side. This harmonises the energies and boosts fertility by enhancing the couple's total energy
  • Pictures of children or baby animals: Place such pictures or paintings anywhere in the room. However, make sure photos of known children should not be placed in the room
  • Pictures of pomegranates: Pomegranate pictures are advised to be placed as these bring in good luck and increase chances of conceiving. Pomegranates symbolize fertility in feng shui and are also used for fertility cure
  • Enhancing the west sector: The west sector of the house is associated with children. Hence candles and lamps should be avoided in this area. It is best to use earth objects like vases and other fertility enhancers in this area
  • Using fish and bamboo: Double fish stands for marital union; it should be kept in southwest corner of the bedroom. A single piece of hallow bamboo should be placed in the north sector of the bedroom for boosting fertility of the couple
  • An indoor fountain at home: A small indoor fountain made of metal is extremely beneficial. This should ideally be placed in the children's area of the house
  • A figurine of Buddha with children: Doesn't a Budha statue with children around look joyful? That is about right, it symbolises the joy of children. It also stands for happiness of future children. It should be ensured that this figure should never rest on the floor
  • A red material ball: A red material ball stuffed with feathers should be kept in the house. The bright red colour of healthy blood and the round shape of an egg gives life to children and enhances fertility
  • Things to be avoided in the room: Refrain from painting the room red as it drains baby energy from the room. Avoid fire, fire objects or paintings in the room of a couple trying to conceive. Also avoid paintings and pictures of predatory animals in dominant and aggressive poses. These would kill the warm fertile ambience

Adherence to simple feng shui rules would surely act as a fertility booster. Happy conceiving!

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| Oct 26, 2017

Wow gr8 information

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| Oct 22, 2017

very interesting blog. it's an eye opener as not many people including me were aware that Feng Shui has an important role to play even in conception and it's boosts the chance to get pregnant. amazing handy tips for couples who have been trying to conceive. thanks for sharing!

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