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How to plan for your child's first snowfall experience?

Urvashi Shah
3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Oct 10, 2020

How to plan for your childs first snowfall experience
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While taking your child out in the snow can be a daunting task, we are giving you a few tips that will make his or her first experience of snowfall a precious one. And do not forget to take your camera along as you don’t want to miss capturing those beautiful moments of your child enjoying in the snow. So what can you do.

How Can I Make The First Snowfall Experience Memorable For My Toddler?

We have come up with a few activities that you can enjoy with your toddler in the snow. So let us have a look at them.

  1. Build a snowman: This is the most clichéd thing to do but every time it is simply fun to make a little man out of snow, a carrot and some buttons. Instead of making a big one, you can ask your little one to help you out to create a smaller version which will be of his height. In that way your child will have someone to keep him company in the snow. You can also ask your child to pick out a name for the snowman
  2. See fairytales come alive: Every child believes in the existence of fairies so it is time that you tell him to make one all by himself. But make sure you dress up your child well in warm clothes and cover his ears properly with a woollen cap to avoid the snow from getting in. Ask him to lie flat on the ground and spread his hands and legs in coordination to make a snow fairy. Once he gets up, he will be marvelled see the wonder he has created
  3. Winter snacks: While it can be fun to play all the games in the snow it also gets tiring. Hence, you can pack some snacks that your child will enjoy, such as roasted marshmallows, warm vegetable soup or some hot chocolate or simply warm milk to restore all the lost energy
  4. Snowball fight: Children have this uncontrollable urge to pick up snow and throw it around. This is how you can indulge your little ones in a snowball fight while making sure that nobody gets hurt. You need to have this game going under your supervision to avoid any damage to your child
  5. Paint the town red: Does your child love to pick up colours and paint the walls of your house? If yes then get all his painting equipments and ask him to colour the snow. This activity will engage your child as he will soon make the white patch in your backyard in to a colourful one that would be a sight to behold. At least you can spare the walls of your home for some time
  6. A theme party: If you reside in a place with frequent snowfall then organize a theme party, such as a ‘Frozen Theme Party’ where you can invite your little ones friends and his parents to come along. This party can be made a lot of fun by including all the above mentioned activities which will not only make your child’s first snowfall experience a memorable one but even that of the other young ones
  7. Riding through the snow: You can take your little one on a sledge ride with you which will be fun for him. Gear him up in the right costume for the same and put on a helmet for him while you too do the same to avoid any injuries. Make sure you don’t ride a very steep slope in order to avoid going down too fast with your child on board

What All Things I Need To Keep In Mind?

In order to make your child’s first snowfall experience a special one, you need to plan wisely and keep in mind all the following things-

  1. Choose an apt accommodation: If you are planning to go on a small vacation then choose an accommodation where heavy snowfall doesn’t occur as it might just ruin your plans. A place with light or moderate snowfall will work fine as your little one can enjoy
  2. Gear up well: This is the most important of all. As winters bring a number of viruses and flu for children, you need to keep your child warm by protecting him in a bunch of layers. Make sure you do not layer too much around his neck as it might suffocate him. While keeping the clothes light, make sure they provide him sufficient warmth from the chilly winds outside
  3. Prior planning to be done: Winters are holiday time where most families pack up and head out for vacation. If you are planning the same then make it a point to do your bookings prior in order to hit any snags at the end moment. Since places with snowfall tend to observe rush, you would want to be the first to check in there to make the most of your holidays with your little bundle of joy. So get your bookings done now
  4. Make a list: Once you have done the bookings, you need to assort things and pack them as per the kind of place you will be visiting. Your child’s necessities have to be packed first including his toys which are mobile and can be moved to and fro easily and might fit in your car. You might want to second check everything before heading outside in order to avoid any blunders during your holiday

Keep all these points in mind before embarking up on a holiday journey with your child to ensure his first snowfall experience is a beautiful one. As a precaution keep your doctor’s number on speed dial.

So just be relaxed and plan out a perfect vacation that your child would want to see as his memories in all the pictures that you manage to take in your camera. You can record those special moments too so later on as your child grows up he can see by himself how special his first snowfall was.

Did you like the blog on how to plan for your child's first snowfall experience? Do you have some memories to share or some tips to share, please do leave it in the comments section below, as we would love to hear from you.

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thanks for suggestions....

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amazing suggestions! thanks for sharing!

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| Dec 21, 2017

Lovely parenting Tips I did take my daughter on a trip where she had a first experience with snow... at first she was petrified as she coudnt take the chilling climate of the swiss Alps but after few mins she got comgortable with it and enjoyed a lot ... and, yes we did make a small snowman n threw snowballs on each other :)

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