Five Signs That Your Child May Be Under the Weather

DrJayashree Shiwalkar
3 to 7 years

Created by Dr.Jayashree Shiwalkar
Updated on Jan 28, 2021

Season change and dip in temperature is more conducive to viruses. Season Change can affect a child's health. This is because viruses in the air can lead to allergies, nasal congestion and irritation in the lungs.

If your child feels unwell with season changes, you may notice some symptoms. Here are a few common symptoms in case your child is under the weather.

  1. Cold & Cough - If your child has a running or blocked nose. Or if your child gets a sore throat. 

  2. Headache - If your child complains of Headache or heaviness in the head. This can be mild or even severe.

  3. Body Pain - Unusual pain in shoulders, back, arms and legs can be early signs of sickness.

  4. Earache - If your child has ear pain, which could be as a result of issues like sinus infection, tonsillitis, earwax.

  5. Fatigue - Very important, if your child is not being their usual self, and not enjoying their favorite activities 

This gets more common as the temperatures drop in winters. Watch as Dr Jayashree talks about the five signs that your child may be under the weather so you can be season change ready.

Disclaimer:    The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the author. This is a part of an awareness initiative on season change supported by Crocin Liquids. For any medical queries or advice please always consult your local registered medical practitioner.


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