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Significance Of Flying Kites On Makar Sankranti

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Jan 14, 2018

Significance Of Flying Kites On Makar Sankranti

Winters are almost coming to an end and the days are getting a little warmer, the sun is shining bright again and soon you will see the bright blue sky turning in to a colourful one with a number of kites flying high. This concludes that the festival of ‘Makar Sankranti’ is right around the corner. Let us learn something more about this festival other than flying kites.

What Is The Significance Of Makar Sankranti?

Makar Sankranti is a festival known for flying kites and eating sesame sweets. This day is said to mark the end of the winters and beginning of spring in our country, bringing joy for the farmers of getting new crops. From now on the days will be longer than the nights.

Why Is The Significance Of Flying Kites On Makar Sankranti?

The tradition of flying kites during Makar Sankranti is followed all over in the country and lately has spread in many parts of the world. But this festival not only brings fun but also a number of health benefits. Flying kites gives us a healthy exposure in the sun from early morning and the early sun rays are known to be a rich source of Vitamin D. Since winter brings a lot of sickness, the sun rays are known to wipe them all.

Why Do We Eat Sesame Sweets?

Tilgud laddoos or sesame sweets infused with jaggery are made particularly during this festival. This Maharashtrain sweet is distributed amongst loved ones along with the saying, ‘Tilgud ghya aani goad goad bola’. This translates to, have sesame and jiggery sweets and speak sweet words. The distribution of these sweets signifies bonding and forgetting the ill from the past. Another scientific importance of having sesame sweets is that it helps in keeping our bodies warm by providing the necessary amount of oil which also provides moisture during the winters.


The Renowned International Kite Flying Festival

The state of Gujarat hosts International Kite Flying Festival every year, which was initiated in 1989, draws maximum attraction from the rest of the world. About 150 delegates from 44 countries, including the UK, South Korea, New Zealand, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, arrive here to be a part of this event. A number of kite enthusiasts from all over India as well as from Ahmedabad itself flock here in numbers to display their unique collection of kites. This is the reason why the state of Gujarat is largely associated with the kite flying festival.

How To Involve Your Child In Various Rituals Associated With The Festival?

  1. A number of people believe in donations during this festival. Involve your child in giving away donations which will instil a set of good values in him
  2. When you are preparing sesame sweets for your loved ones, you can ask your child to give you a helping hand in the same. Your little one can roll up the sweets in to small balls one by one. This is also the time to teach your child the significance of distributing sweets amongst loved ones
  3. Cow being a sacred animal in our country is worshipped on this day which is how you can teach your child about Mother Nature and how he/she must respect the environment
  4. If you have puja’s or various sacred rituals carried in your house, involve your child in them and teach him/her the importance of the same
  5. Maker Sankranti being a festival which helps us mend broken relations or welcoming new relations whole heartedly, you can teach your child the values of your loved ones. Teaching your child the importance of starting afresh is relevant

While you get busy in making sesame sweets, ensure your child has a lot of fun flying various sorts of colourful kites in the blue sky.

Did you like the blog on significance of flying kites on Makar Sankranti? Did you know that the festival is celebrated in Gujarat as Udayyan? Do you have any childhood memory of flying kites on makar sankranti? Share your views and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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| Jan 16, 2018

thanks so much for sharing the relevance of Makar Sakranti !it makes it easier for us to explain the same to our children. including info on how it's celebrated in various states . besides this it also shares how can children contribute to it thereby making it a special occasion.

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