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From Monster To Magic – Making Maths Fun For Your Child!

Nandini Muralidharan

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From Monster To Magic Making Maths Fun For Your Child

Hello parents! Did you or did you not battle the ‘Maths Monster’ in school? Most mothers would say yes! (sorry for being sexist, but women happen to be a favourite with this monster!). So when we see our children struggle with numbers, we do know what the problem is – but what to do? Read on to find out how you can help your child tackle this monster.

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Srabani Panigrahi

| Feb 02, 2017

Try the montessori method of teaching maths... it's an excellent method to develop love for maths through various activities that children love to do.

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| Jan 23, 2017

monopoly is an excellent game to play and learn basics

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Vinti Jhawar

| Oct 20, 2016

You definitely need to sit and play with your child so that the fear for Maths goes away. Start with simple things like counting the number of cabs or autos on road, number of guests at a dinner party, number of floors in a tall building, and so on. There are many maths related games ; for toddlers there is an abacus, Count me 0 to 5, wodden peg puzzles with numbers on them. For the elder ones there are maths puzzles on addition and subtraction, board games like Say Cheese and Math Builder for multipilcation and Froggy Fractions for making fractions easy. The list is endless. You shall find all of them at the toy-library friendlytoyz. com! Just follow the link https://www.friendlytoyz.com/toy-library.html?newproduct=&wplace=&toy_type=&categoryage=&toy_category=&skill=&product_name=

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| Oct 16, 2016

try using Kalfun, another great tool to remove the phobia against maths

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