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4 Fun Indoor Games For Your Toddler

Sugandha Tiwari
1 to 3 years

Created by Sugandha Tiwari
Updated on Feb 14, 2019

4 Fun Indoor Games For Your Toddler
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Your toddler’s world at this stage must be full of fun and frolic. Play must be a part of your child’s everyday life. As you play along with your toddler, you might notice that your child shows a preference for certain kind of games. If he/she has a little introvert personality, then most probably he/she would prefer indoor games and if has an extrovert personality then might want to indulge in more of outdoor game and sports.

In this blog I have tried listing down a few indoor games and activities that you can straight away play with your toddler, however some of these games you would already know. I personally feel games and activities are one of the most important parts of a child’s life. They not only help in your child’s overall development but also bring the family members together and allow them to spend some lighter cosy moments with each other. Read more to find out some of them.

4 Easy & Fun Indoor Games For Your Toddler

  1. I spy:

    If your child is at the stage of identifying colours, shapes and common objects in his/her enviornment around then this game is a wonderful idea. Identify a few common objects at home. Let your child know what the game is all about. Then, begin saying the names of objects one by one, for eg. “ I spy something red, it is a circle” First have only a few clues then if your child is unabe to guess then add more clues like “I spy something red, it is a circle and is used for eating food – it is a red plate
  2. Feely Box:

    Our sense of touch is one of the strongest sense organs. This game will allow you to strengthen your child’s sense of touch and thereby improving his/her observation skills and ability to process information better. Take a box; just cover it with a fancy colourful paper. Or you could also ask your child to decorate the box by painting it or drawing on it. Cover the entire box with only a small opening at the top for the hand to go in. Next, have some interesting objects ready with you and one by one put them in the box. Next, randomly ask your child to put his /her hand inside, touch the object, feel its texture and guess what it is. If for any object your child is unable to make a guess, then you can provide clues appropriately
  3. Matching and sorting:

    This is one of the most common activities that your toddler must be already doing. The easiest way to begin is with colours, letters and numbers. Once you think your child is able to master that, introduce textures for him/her. For eg. All wooden objects, all plastic and so on
  4. Balloons in the air:

    The idea of this game is to keep the balloons up in the air. Blow some balloons and ask your child to try and keep them up in the air. Your child can either blow them with mouth or use his/her hands

Remember to have fun all along; play is a great way in itself to teach a lot of concepts. Try not making it a mundane teaching session every time.

Did you like the blog? Did you find it useful? Please share your thought, ideas and feedbacks with us in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

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| Feb 14, 2019


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| Feb 20, 2018

quite an interesting blog with amazing ideas. how about stacking bowls, stringing beads, solving puzzles, and then sorting things according to their size, color and shape.

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