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Best Gifting Ideas For Your 2-Year-Old Child

Cheena M Gujral
1 to 3 years

Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Jan 05, 2021

Best Gifting Ideas For Your 2 Year Old Child
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Most of new parents love buying stuff for little ones, even before they arrive in this beautiful world. And eventually we end up overfilling the assets with many unnecessary things. In the excitement of providing best to our toddlers, we tend to catch stuff that is not suitable at their age.It's been observed that, early exposure to age inappropriate toys don't support right development of child. That's why most of the playsets come with age references. In current generations of simulating toys and real time gadgets, it is crucial while we chose what to offer to what age? In this blog, I will be detailing about good toys to buy or gift for a 2 year old toddler.

Toys can be easily categorized into-

  • Educational toys
  • Learning activity toys
  • Indoor toys
  • Outdoor toys
  • Water activity toys
  • Figures and automobiles
  • Remote controlled toys
  • Role play sets

Though here, I will simply talk about toys and presents with their good effects on toddlers. At the age of two, your child has started to make balance while walking. The babbling has turned into words with sharpening of motor skills. So it become important to think and decide on buying toys.

  1. Zoo animal and vegetable figures:

    These are very interactive toys which help a toddler get familiar with various animals characters. Cutting vegetables set is also admired by young children
  2. Pull along toys:

    While the baby is learning more control over walk and run, pull along snails, engines or cart are fun to achieve gross motor skills
  3. Musical games:

    Music brings the rhythm in every child. So exposing your toddlers to drums, xylophones, bubble guitars or rhyming tabs are fun for the active kids. They will feel refreshed and learn poems too
  4. Blocks and lego:

    Building blocks ignite the imagination and creative side in children. So presenting todd with the appropriate size of lego blocks are good things to do. Most of the toddlers love stacking them to build tower and trees
  5. Splash and pool:

    Water activities are fun for tiny toons and when its summers, dont leave a chance to enhance this experience. Use a small water pool with squirters to enjoy and defeat hotness. Even fishing kit will boost their control over hand movements
  6. Outdoor fun:

    The big and space consuming toys are thrilling at age of two. From small slides to plasma cars, riding them increase the concentration and motor control in child. The jumping ball net and beach tool kit could be good option in gifting
  7. Doodles & Learning tables:

    This is the right age to start scribbling. Let your child explore and scribble on doodle. The table with shape/ color buttons are efficient educational products. Learning with fun is the real purpose
  8. Board games and puzzles:

    If you want to stimulate fine cognitive skills with mind activity, offer your toddler the wooden peg puzzles for animals, numbers, fruits or daily used objects
  9. Push and go toys:

    These are simplest toys with unlimited fun. Cars, bike, train or crawling turtle there is extensive range of pull along toys to render alertness in juniors. Starting with a funky tricycle is a good idea
  10. Role play activity:

    The tracks, kitchen houses, doll sets are always welcomed in two year olds. They learn to communicate and interact well

As you celebrate different milestones in your baby's development, utilise them as a tool to understand the applicability of play stuff for them. High quantity of toys can never compensate the learning access. So always shop for the right thing at right time. In case of gifting also, consider both your budget and the toddler’s acceptability. This will surely help them grow better.

Happy toys to you!

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thanks a lot

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