Godh Bharai Or Baby Shower Ceremony: When And How Should You Plan

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Godh Bharai Or Baby Shower Ceremony When And How Should You Plan
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Indian films have always dramatised the baby shower of godh bharai rasam or have they? Are baby shower ceremonies so elaborate in reality as well? And if they are what is baby shower ceremony and is it any different from godh bharai rasam? Let's find out the answers to all these queries.

So if you are planning to throw the baby shower for your friend, sister, sister-in-law, you need to first know what is baby shower or godh bharai.

What is Baby Shower or Godh Bharai Rasam?

Baby shower or godh bharai is a ceremony or a rasam, which is celebrated to bless the expecting mommy with loads of blessings and joys through the journey of motherhood. It is also celebrated to welcome the unborn baby in the family. Roughly translated in Hindi – godh bharai simply means to fill the lap of a pregnant woman with abundance. In various parts of country the baby shower has a different name but the celebration is more or less the same and is in honour of the mother-to-be. In Bengal it is called Shaad, in Tamil Nadu it is called Valaikappu and it is known as Seemandham in Kerala.

When Is Baby Shower or Godh Bharai Celebrated?

Usually, if godh bharai is to be done it is done in the seventh month of pregnancy in India. However, when it is celebrated is purely the decision of expecting couple. So you can celebrate during any period of your pregnancy but just remember to take in account of your religious and cultural traditions before setting for any date.

How Is Godh Bharai Celebrated?

While there are numerous ways in which a Godh Bharai or Baby Shower can be celebrated, the main essence of this celebration remains to honour the mother-to-be and wish her well in her journey of becoming a mother from a woman. She is the centre of attraction during the ceremony and the entire celebration is around her. Both the sides of families and friends come together to bless the mother-to-be and the unborn child. The mother-to-be is bestowed with loads of gifts from all the relatives and well wishers.

You can also have a small pooja for the close family members followed by a havan and a lunch for the friends to enjoy the celebrations. Henna is an inherent part of our culture so you may also plan for tattoo henna for the guests. Games like antakshari and pass the parcel can add to the fun factor at the celebrations.

Who Should Host the Baby Shower Or Godh Bharai Rasam?

Traditionally the godh bharai rasam is hosted either by the parents or parents-in-law of the expecting mom. However, it is always better for a close friend or a distant relative to host it so that there is less pressure on the immediate family and they can also take part in the celebrations without any worries.

How Can The Mother To Be Enjoy Baby Shower Celebrations?

While planning the baby shower ensure that there is enough of food and water at the mother-to-be disposal so that she doesn't go hungry or thirsty for the long periods of time. Also the place where she is sitting needs to be comfortable enough to give her enough rest to her legs. Other than that

  • Keep drinking water at regular intervals
  • Keep nibbling on some fruits
  • Walk if you feel tired by sitting and sit if you feel tired by walking around

How To Host A Baby Shower Or Godh Bharai Rasam?

You need to be quite careful about lots of things while planning a successful godh bharai or baby shower so that not only your guests go happy, the mom-to-be also feels special, and loved at the end of it. So here is a list of do's and don'ts while planning a baby shower.

Things To Do While Planning For A Baby Shower Ceremony

  1. Involve the Mom-to-be: After all you are throwing a party for her. With all the hormonal changes, mood swings, she has a lot going on. So don't ever surprise her with the party as she might have thought of the complete attire to be worn on her baby shower. So it's her day and make sure to warn her about the date of the party and the guest list, so that she gets time to prepare and think of her look
  2. Keep the menu simple: Baby showers are supposed to be kept to make the mom to be special. So don't focus much on the food to be served. Keep it easy to be served and managed. Make sure to look after the quality and quality of the food
  3. Keep the entertainment ideas simple yet interesting: No celebration is complete without the entertainment. So you can plan some entertainment for the guests that is simple and yet enticing – so you can have games like pass the parcel, antakshari and some songs and dance from friends and relatives. Of course it all has to be planned earlier

List of Don'ts While Planning A Godh Bharai Rasam Or Baby Shower

  1. Don't exclude Children and Guys: Some baby showers are supposed to be done traditionally which includes girls only. But baby showers with children and men are more trending these days. Do check with the mom-to-be and dad-to-be what kind of baby shower they are comfortable in. Having the children and men with the females altogether will make it more interesting and fun party which everyone is going to love
  2. Don't plan according to you: Yes the baby shower is for mom-to-be, so plan it all the way she wants. While hosting it you might of it doing things your way, but always remember that from decoration to the food, all should be according to the taste of the mom-to-be. So make sure to keep her in mind while planning the baby shower for her
  3. Don't forget to bid goodbye to the guests: As a host it's your responsibility to thank to the partygoers for making the day special for the would-be mom. Plan to something a return token of love for each of them. Think of something which they can cherish and remember throughout. Like clicking a picture with each one of them with the mom's bump, so that mom- to- be too feel pampered
  4. Don't forget the return gifts: While the guests will remember the good times they had at your godh bharai rasam, they will always appreciate a memento of good times they had at the baby shower. So plan and choose your return gifts with great consideration and thought

Happy hosting! I hope these tips help you throw the best, most memorable baby shower for your loved one.

Did you find Ridhi's tips on hosting the perfect baby shower useful? Have you ever organised a baby shower, what was it like? Do leave your comments…. We love hearing from you!

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It is always better for a close friend or a distant relative to host it so that there is less pressure on the immediate family and they can also take part in the celebrations without any worries. - Pest Control Tustin

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