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Good Friday 2018

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Mar 30, 2018

Good Friday 2018
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Good Friday is a worldwide festival celebrated by Christians. Along with Good Friday comes Easter, which too is celebrated globally. This holiday marks a wonderful time for the families to come together and spend a memorable time, indulging in the festivities.

It was on this day that Jesus was crucified because he claimed to be the son of God. A crown of thorns was thrust up on his head and was forced to carry the cross on top of a hill where he was nailed to the cross. He suffered for hours and the sky turned dark as if mourning. Christians across the world celebrate this day to remember the sacrifice of their Lord by doing fasting and taking part in processions. Prayer services are held in the Church in the morning and evening.

Why Is This Day Called ‘Good Friday’ If Jesus Was Crucified?

Some believe that Good Friday evolved from God Friday, which is what the day was called initially. Some believe that the good about Good Friday is that Jesus gave up his life for his people and then came back on Easter, proving that he indeed was son of God.

Teaching about Good Friday to your little one can be a tough task, so here are some points that will make your job done easier than said.

  1. Context of the story:

    Your child might be exposed to a lot of different stories related to Jesus, all of them might not be true or in a chronological order. So it is important that you do a complete and thorough research before teaching your child about the same
  2. Appropriate language:

    You do not want to scare your little one with all the detailed image of the crucifixion. You also don’t want your child to get all confused with the number of people involved in the process and the location. Make sure you make use of simple language and keep the story short and simple for your child to grasp it better
  3. Teachings of Jesus:

    To better understand the reason behind Jesus’ death, let your child know what happened and why it happened. You can simply tell your child how Jesus sacrificed his life to keep us all safe from our sins. Also make your child understand what sin is, without complicating things at all
  4. Use resources:

    In order to help your child get the idea of this day, you can make use of several resources that may come handy. Various books are available that you can refer to understand the story better. Internet is always a handy creation to find numerous sources that will lead you to the exact story
  5. You don’t have to do it all at once:

    If your child is small, keep the details short and crisp and you don’t need to dig to the depth of the story. Once your child starts growing and maturing, you can reveal the details to him/her for better understanding. When your child is little, the main point is to get the theme straight to him/her rather than beating around the bush. As he/she grows up, the story can progress up on the foundation that you built when your child was younger

These tips and tricks will help you reveal the meaning behind Good Friday celebrations to your child in a simpler way.

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| Mar 30, 2018

very nicely written

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| Apr 05, 2018

very useful information to be shared with kids!well written..

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