Role Of Grandparents In Your Child's Life

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Role Of Grandparents In Your Childs Life
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With the changing family scenario, the interaction between grandparents and grandchildren is on a steady decline. So how do you ensure that your child's interaction with his or her grandparents doesn't decline and he or she can learn something from them. After all they are the parents of parents – you and more experienced in parenting as compared to you. So seek their wisdom and let your child grow and develop in all aspects.

How Do Grandparents' Contribute In Your Child's Life?

There are numerous ways by which grandparents can and are contributing in your child's life. Here I have listed few ways. Keep reading to know the role of grandparents in your toddler's life.

  1. Storytellers: They are the best storytellers your child can be exposed to. From incidents related to their childhood to their children's childhood antics they are a storehouse of stories
  2. Teach your child lifestyle skills: While your toddler is with his or her grandparents he or she is learning a new lifestyle skill almost every day
  3. Help with upbringing: If you both are working, then leaving your child with his or her grandparents is a great help for you in his/her upbringing
  4. Teach them family traditions: Certain family traditions are better known to your parents or in-laws and when your child spends time with his or her grandparents he or she is learning about those traditions in a playful manner
  5. Easy home remedies to keep common illnesses at bay: Your parents/in-laws will always rely on home remedies first and then go for medicines. So they know how to keep common cold and other regular health issues at bay through home remedies
  6. Cook delicious meals for your child: If your child is spending time with his or her grandparents then you don't have to worry about what your child is eating or not eating. As grandparents especially grand moms ensure that the child eats healthy yet delicious meals. So they will cook it themselves for their grandchild

Things To Keep In Mind As Grandparents

While you may a lot of things about parenting and what is best for your grandchild, it is always better to have the gates of communication open so that you can freely discuss things with your children. For instance, you may be practicing a method that has changed over the years and parents these days are adopting western style of parenting. Hence it is better to discuss few things with your children for better understanding at both the ends and also to avoid confusion in child.

  1. One thing that would certainly be a good idea is ask your children their expectations and any specific way in which they want things to be done with the child
  2. If you are staying together or your grandchildren come to you often, you can learn your grandchild's schedule. For eg. What is their meal time, play time or how he/she wants to get ready for an event?
  3. As grandparents you must be following some rituals or traditions, check with the parents if they are ok with you practicing the same with the grandchild
  4. Your opinions and ways of handling have worked for your life but your children certainly will have a different point of view to handle things with the child. So do respect their views

Things To Keep In Mind As Parents

As parents you also need to keep certain things in mind and most important ones being to respect your elders and to listen to them. So read on to know what all you need to keep in mind to ensure that grandparents don't feel neglected or worthless while doing everything they can for the grandchild.

  1. If you are a daughter/son-in-law and have issues with their style of parenting, convey it to them gently but firmly
  2. Remember they are more experienced than you so respect that experience while laying your point of view
  3. If grandparents don't ask or speak much, you can gently communicate your expectations for the child to them and involve them in your child's development
  4. Whether or not you want to follow their advice, don't just turn them downright. Listen to them, be open to their suggestions and follow what you feel is right for your child

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| Jan 17, 2018

Value their presence!! those who are unfortunate and don't have Grandparents around them , yearn to receive their blessings and guidance . thanks for sharing such a valuable blog.

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| Jan 19, 2018

Very nice blog.. Being wit grandparents is d most blessing one .. for us & our children's too.

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| Jan 20, 2018

it is right.. but my son is too much involve in grandparents.. he avoid me.. whn he is wid thm.. it is okay??

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| Jan 15, 2019

my baby is one month old 13 month is abt to finsh but my baby doesnt care for me he love his dada grand father nit me heart touching

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