How Grandparents Shape Your Toddler's Life And Personality

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How Grandparents Shape Your Toddlers Life And Personality
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One feels the home to be a complete one with grandparents in it. Grandparents become an integral part in the lives of grandchildren who have a lot to learn from their elderly. From playing games to telling stories to teaching life lessons, grandparents tend to do the best for their grandchildren and have a big say in shaping their lives as adults. In the modern day society children are forgetting the significance of customs and traditions while living the fast paced life. This is where grandparents role become essential who tend to instil the values in their grandchildren and make them wise by supporting them in the right kind of choices they make in life. Let us see how grandparents shape your toddler's life.

10 Ways How Grandparents Shape Your Toddler's Life And Personality

  1. Grandparents are children's confidants: At times your little one might not feel comfortable sharing something with you which is why he/she might turn towards his/her grandparent. This is because the child does not feel the pressure of having a parental authority punishing them for their mischief/bad behaviour. Your child will end up feeling more comfortable and confident communicating with his/her grandparent more than you
  2. Being entertainers and companions: A parent's relation with a child is mostly focused around daily tasks such as schooling, home work and other chores. But with grandparents everything changes as they do not tend to worry about your child's home work and other things to do and hence end up spending quality and fun time with your little one. Since grandma and grandpa have no worries about daily schedules of your child, they tend to spend some creative time with your little one
  3. Teaching importance of family: Once children get to know their grandparents, they tend to learn the importance of maintaining close family ties. Grandparents showing unconditional love and support towards their grandchildren make them believe that there is more to a family than just a mom and a dad. With this type of love being depicted by the elderly in your family, your child will be encouraged to adopt the same behaviour and it enables them to form close ties with the family
  4. Understand family relationships: Grandparents and grandchildren connect in the best possible way. Grandparents also show family albums to your child where he/she might be surprised to know how his/her mom and dad were as little ones. When your child is in your presence and also in the presence of his/her grandparents, they tend to observe how everyone bonds and thus will end up learning similar patterns of bonding in later stages of life
  5. Knowing about family history: Grandparents teach grandchildren about the family history including everything about their ancestors which is important part in developing your child's personality. Your child will have a sense of security knowing that he belongs to a community and will want to know more about the same from his/her grandparents. Grandparents are a great source of funny, insightful and educational tidbits about family ancestry as well as the history of the nation
  6. Being a role model: When grandparents remain active in their old life, your child will learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be as active as his/her grandparents are at this point of time. Your child can learn how the process of aging works in a positive way and not become boring and dull by remaining active throughout
  7. Acquiring various skill sets: Little one tend to learn and follow whatever their parents are doing and even grandparents have a little say in this. Your child will learn different skills from his/her grandparents such as baking cookies or even picking up needle and thread work by looking at his/her grandparents doing the same. When your child learns such skills with your parents, it will be fun rather than a chore
  8. Sharing valuable life experiences: Grandparents have lived a long life and have been through a lot, thus, acquiring a number of experiences over their lifetime which makes them great story tellers when it comes to sharing their experiences with their children and grandchildren. They will teach your child about what is important in life and where not to waste their time, thus, giving him/her useful tips on sailing through the journey of life right from a very young age
  9. Acquiring wisdom: Grandparents will offer the best and right advice to your child in life right from the beginning as they have often lived through similar experiences in life more than once probably. Once your child starts bonding with his/her grandparents, he/she will always look up on them as well as up on you for advices in later stages of life
  10. Playing games: In this age where modern technology has won the race and taken over every generation, grandparents will teach their grandchildren different games such as cards, snakes and ladder and many more which your child will come in terms with. Grandparents are also great story tellers which will help your little one's focus shift from a television screen to the grandparents as he/she listens to their stories and slowly drifts in to a good night's sleep

When your child spends time with his/her grandparents he/she gains love, wisdom, knowledge and a lot more things with time. While you benefit from getting a break from the routine with your child, your parents will benefit by being able to share life stories and lessons with someone who is willing to listen to them. So encourage your child to spend more time with his/her grandparents which will prove to be valuable in every stage of life.


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| Jan 29, 2018

Fortunate are those children who have their Grandparents at home to take care of them, guide them and shower their love as well as blessings on them.

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| May 09, 2018


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| May 28, 2018

Very valuable lesson

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| May 29, 2018 addition grandparents instill the sense of togetherness and dedication in the child's mindset - teach them 'always staying together' !

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| Jul 11, 2019


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