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Little Aadit had waited for this day eagerly for so long now. The heavy rains hadn’t dampened his spirits a bit since he was all set for a very special rendezvous. As his grandpa drove along the steep, hairpin bends, Aadit was super excited. The setting too was picture perfect. Tucked away from the city the old age home was set against the lush green hills and ravines. The fresh fragrance of the rain drenched mud filled the air. As Aadit stepped out of the car, he was overjoyed to see so many of his grandpa’s friends welcoming him. He saw all their eyes twinkle with the same warmth and affection he has seen every year. Every year he would celebrate with all of them “ Grandparents Day “ and the day would be filled with loads of excitement, pampering, playing some fantastic games, and feeding him his favorite treats. This year he wanted to contribute in making this day very special for them so along with a few other children, they planned a big surprise for all of them.


I’ve always felt that a Grandparent-Grandchild bond is one of the beautiful creations ever. A perfectly memorable and happy childhood is what any parent can hope for their child and this is complete only with contribution from the Grandparents. Right from the moment a child enters this world grandparents provide all the support system, protection and warmth for the newborn to take on the world. It is with their rich experience and wisdom that they guide even the new parents to take on the parenting role confidently. Based on pure unconditional love, trust, selflessness, and warmth this one relationship makes most children have a deep emotional connect with their grandparents right from the beginning. They know that they are always there for them no matter what. Maybe it is their abundant patience, their simple yet innovative ways to bring about giggles and laughter, the interesting moral stories they tell, extravagant pampering and of course being their untiring playmate that makes them more valued and treasured by any child.


In today’s fast paced life, where nuclear families have almost become a norm, the role of grandparents has become even more crucial. Research suggests that children find unique acceptance in their relationships with grandparents, which benefits them emotionally and mentally. Grandparents are definitely a child’s secondary but equally important set of parents and naturally they too are responsible for shaping the mind and personality of a child. As role models they can be of great positive influence on the child in terms of imbibing our rich values, traditions and healthy habits. They’ve seen the world and have sailed through all the stages in life .By sharing their wisdom and experience they can make life simpler for the whole family. If both parents are employed, grandparents can fill up any vacuum the child might feel by offering the timely emotional support. Their very presence can cheer them up and make their day. Even if grandparents are far away we can ensure their bond is strengthened with the child by keeping in touch through the full use of technology.


Personally for me, my grandma has been my greatest support ever, right from my childhood, my biggest motivator and inspiration, my anytime personal encyclopedia, my sincere secret keeper, my true pal. Above everything we share a very strong bond that cannot be fully described in words. Luckily my son too is blessed to have such compassionate and supportive grandparents. Even though he is just a toddler his face always lights up even by a mere mention of them and he thoroughly enjoys their company.


These days we see so many old age homes mushrooming everywhere and becoming popular. Most grandparents might not have chosen to live there but the environment there provides them a common interactive platform with other people of same age and mindset as well as professional help and facilities. In such a case, parents need to make sure that they make their children spend quality time and celebrate the important days together with their grandparents.


On this Grandparents Day – We as parents must make a little effort with our children and do something really special for the ones who’ve always enriched our lives. Together let us create and nurture this bond linking our past to our future.


And that’s exactly what Little Aadit along with the other children there too had in store for all those grandparents staying in the old age home. All the children sat together and made a giant Card which read:


 “Dear Grand Parents, – We love you and thank you for being in our lives – Now and forever…”


The special rendezvous turned out to be the grandest and most memorable one for everyone.




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| Oct 26, 2012

Living in a joint family, we do tend to have our little tiffs and disagreements, however in all of these 11 years, i have ensured that my child respects and listens to his grandparents and any digression towards disrespect is treated with urgency... there are some things that simply wont be tolerated.

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