Great gifts for children

7 to 11 years

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Great gifts for children
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With New Year and Christmas just around the corner I needed to make sure I had appropriate gifts for all my loved ones especially the children, a great list of gifts for all my loved ones specially the children. Once I had identified gifts for the children, I got thinking that, like me, there would be more fellow parents on the lookout so as to what gifts could they buy for the coming holidays. Since I had to buy for children across age groups, I did my research accordingly and hence my blog will be about gifts for children across a wider age group. So here goes the list,


1. Personalized photo desk calendar or a photo plaque:


One can choose 13 of the most fun moments with the child and actually get a desk calendar made; I have made many such calendars every year, as my daughter loves these personal calendars, the grandparents love it more. It’s fun, useful and whimsical all at the same time.

Age group: All age groups
Price: Rs 399/-


2(A). Green science potato clock kit:


Children learn to power a digital clock with potatoes and can then use their experimental skills to find out other substances, which may power the clock. They'll be amazed! I have seen it happen at my neighbor’s house. The Kit includes all the bits and pieces to make the clock, with detailed instructions. All you have to supply, are the veggies!
Age group: 8+ years.
Price: Rs 270/-


B. Wind powered Car

Lets get our children to have fun and playtime but also reward them with the joy of getting creative. The wind and the rotating large blades in this car generate kinetic energy. A drive shaft connects to the power plant where kinetic energy is converted to another form of energy, which causes the car to propel. Wind powered car will move in forward direction, irrespective of wind direction.

Age group: 8+ years.
Price: Rs 270/-

3.Fruit Guard: Apple/ Banana / sandwich box:


fruit gurad

My daughter was fed up having to eat bruised apples or peaches that have been punctured by stuff in her Backpack. The Fruit Guard is specially designed to fit the average size larger round fruit such as apples, pears and peaches however its use is certainly not limited to holding just these fruit. Not only is the Fruit Guard made of sturdy, FDA approved plastic but also features a carabineer hook so that it can easily be attached to the outside of your child’s backpack. A sturdy locking mechanism prevents premature opening and there is ventilation so that the fruit doesn't end up fermenting!
What’s more….The tops and bottoms of the Fruit Guard are interchangeable with the other colors available so your child can make his/her favorite color combination.

Price: Rs 395/-
Age group: All age groups

Guard your sandwich: Well, another great addition to a child’s school backpack is this sandwich box. The sandwich does not get squished and no need of using a foil or plastic wrap. It makes a cute couple with the fruit box.
Price: Rs 385/-.
Age Group: All age groups


4.Bricks Organizer Diary and feather pen stationary:


A specially designed organizer, inspired by LEGO, which reminds the children of the fun of lego. The best part is that once a child exhausts pages from their book, the cover can be removed (it’s fully detachable!) and strapped on to another diary or planner. Seriously, what’s not to love!

Age Group: 6 years and above
Price: Rs 499/-

Feather Pens:
What better to go with a fun diary than a really fun feather pen! It has a magnetic holder so rest assured it never gets lost around the house and what’s more it can be used as a bookmark. It’s made from high quality, eco friendly paper and that means that no birds were harmed while making this pen. Its fun fun fun …

Price: Rs 249/-
Age group: 5 years and above

5.3–in–1 Clock and LED Glow sticks


The set of clock and LED Glow sticks can be your child’s travel companion in case you are looking to travel in the winter break. This white, 3 in 1 hygrometer, thermometer, alarm clock is made with high quality and special design. They can be folded together. Simple and it shows the time, monitors temperature and relative humidity. What’s more…it comes in a compact size and is easy to carry.

Price: Rs 349/-
Age Group: 8 years and above

LED Glow sticks: A powerful LED torch that lasts for up to 200 hours ensures that the dark isn’t a scary proposition, an emergency whistle to raise an alarm and replaceable batteries make the LED glow stick a must have in emergency situations and perfectly eco-friendly! These are fun and come in many colors.
Price 299 Rs/-
Age Group: 6 years and above

6.Desktop Darts

Let your child take her target and get them in a fun way! The most amazing thing is that this game is portable and can be used anywhere! This compact magnetic dartboard comes in a transparent acrylic case, which serves as a stand to hold the board up straight.

Price: Rs 249/-
Age group: 7years and above

7(A). Brainstring advanced:


Brainstring is a fascinating 3D puzzle. Based on a unique concept, Brainstring calls for a new way of thinking. Combine intuition with structured thought and experience the fun of unimaginable possibilities.

Price: Rs 499/-
Age Group: 10 years and above

B. IcoSoKu:


This 3-D brainteaser uses an icosahedron (a 20-faced shape composed of equilateral triangles) as its canvas. The goal is to then arrange the twenty triangular puzzle pieces so that the sum of the dots surrounding each button is equal to the number on that button. IcoSoKu is a challenging and portable puzzle with tons of replay value.

Age Group 8 years and above.
Price:Rs 499/-

8. Pictureka and Actovita


A. Pictureka is a game for 2 or more players. It’s simply the case of finding the pictures to win the cards. Once a child collects enough cards to win he/ she can be the Pictureka champ!

Price:Rs 495/-
Age Group: 5 years and above

B. Actovita - The objective of the game is to have fun with words. Children (and in my case the adults as well ?) need to perform, act, impersonate, describe words, sketch and sign and do other activities to earn acto-coins. “Spin your activity card” contains 1 spin board, 56 describe it card, 56 sketch it cards, 56 perform it cards, 100 acto-coins, 4 pencils, 4 sketch pads and 1 set of rule book.
Spin the arrow on the disc and let the holiday spirit begin.

Age Group – 8 years and above
Price: Rs 399/-

9.Geonaute digital watch


A. Geonaute digital watch: For older children seeking a watch for occasional sports use. This watch also has a stopwatch at an affordable price.

Price: Rs 849/-
Age group: 5-10 years,1,G,9226359,g,search,,24160984220,1o2,,,c,,,,,,,&gclid=CJSdxYPq4LoCFYtV4goddRUAYw

10.Rubberband paint box series notebook and Parker vector standard pen set (black)


This is a fun notebook for children of all age, and combined with a set of swanky pens, it can make any teenager smile.

Price of a notebook: Rs295/-
Price of the pen set: Rs.350/-

Hopefully this list will help you out. I welcome any new finds by you, my fellow pro-parents. Please feel free to add some in the comments of this blog.
Here’s hoping you have fun filled and happy winter holidays..

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| Nov 27, 2013

must say fantastic gift ideas.

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| Nov 28, 2013

Very nice

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| Nov 28, 2013

Superb gifting options... thanks for sharing

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| Nov 28, 2013

It is such a task to come up with ideas for gifts! Thank you Bhavna for this wonderful compilation with great ideas and which will not pinch the pocket :)

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| Feb 05, 2014


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| Jul 31, 2015

Unique gift ideas.. thanks for sharing

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| Sep 01, 2015

Thanks for sharing .

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