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Gudi Padwa: Why is it celebrated?

Vaidehi Patil
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Gudi Padwa Why is it celebrated

India is a nation of diverse cultures where every state has its own traditions and festivals, and Maharashtra is no exception. And although the state is a melting pot of cultures and people, Gudi Padwa is celebrated here with much gusto.

Gudi Padwa: Happy New Year

Gudi Padwa is the New Year for Maharashtra. This festival marks the beginning of the New Year, new month, and a new day for Maharashtrians, and falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (the first day of the Indian lunar month, Chaitra).

Celebrations galore

This day is celebrated by decorating entrance doors with garlands (toran), praying and hoisting the ‘Gudi’. A ‘Gudi' is a stick covered in a bright cloth adorned with brocade or zari that has been topped with sugar crystals, neem leaves, mango leaf twigs and a garland of red flowers. This is covered by a silver or copper pot in an inverted position.

Tales and fables

According to Brahma Purana, after a massive deluge destroyed the world, Lord Brahma recreated it on this day. It is also more popularly believed that when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after completing 14 years in exile and defeating Ravana, the people of Ayodhya welcomed him by hoisting the ‘Gudi’ (symbol of victory).

This day is believed to bring prosperity and good luck, and is also considered an auspicious day to commence new projects and procure new things.

#ParentuneTip: The great warrior of Maharashtra, Chattrapati Shivaji, was the first person who started Gudi Padwa celebrations, after one of his victories.

Food, feast and festivities

The traditional feast on Gudi Padwa comprises puranpoli, shrikhand, vegetable bhakarwadi and Kesari bhaat, among other delicious are food made on this day.

How do you celebrate this festival? Do share your feedback and views with us in the comments section below. 

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| Mar 28, 2017

Interesting write up Vaidehi! Had always been curious about gudi Padwa.

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| Mar 28, 2017

Its also a new year for few southern states.. A. P,Telanagana and Karnataka

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