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Updated on Nov 11, 2013

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• 1 kg Khoya
• 500 gms Sugar
• 500 gms Maida
• 200 gms Almonds, chopped
• 6 tbsp Cooking oil
• 3 tbsp Raisins
• 200 ml Water

Preparation for outer layer:

• Combine maida with 6 tbsp of oil using your fingers.
• Make soft dough and knead it lightly. Add water if needed.
• Cover with a wet cloth and leave aside.
• In a frying pan, deep-fry the khoya till light brown in color.
• Add chopped almonds, sugar and raisins and mix well.
• Fry again for few minutes. Allow the mixture to cool.

Prepare a small and thick chapati from the kneaded dough.
• Stuff half of the chapati with the khoya mixture.
• Fold and draw the edges of chapati inwards to close.
• On slow fire, deep-fry the gujia till golden brown.
• Take out using a sieve and drain the oil properly.
• Store them in an airtight container.
• Repeat the procedure with remaining dough.

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| Nov 13, 2013

I dont consider myself a great cook. But if I am handed simple recepies such as this, I can surely give it a try. Gujiya is one of my fav. things, will be happy to try your mum's recipe :)

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| Nov 23, 2013

Very well explained

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| Nov 25, 2013

luv to prepare this

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